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is hyperdimensional neptunia an actually good game or is it just horny? i wanna play it because cute girls but I'd rather avoid it if it's overly horny

it feels like some people think unreal engine + dark spooky room + like blood or something = horror game

sorry for being annoying. i'll just keep quiet now.

hm. maybe i can do something with a pink gradient as the bg.

need to figure out a gradient + text color that won't be an eyesore, though.

will a pink gradient be accessible? or will it potentially mess up people with colorblindness if I don't tread carefully.

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i need ideas for a new design for i don't like the star parallax script, but I can't think of any decent ideas that are "simple and nice, but not plain", and I don't wanna just copy someone else's site, I'd feel bad.

RT @ExcitedLeigh
If you're building a system that stores names, and you genuinely need to know your users' legal names, don't do this:

🚫 name, preferred_name

DO do this:

✅ name, legal_name

RT @prophet_goddess
ive spent all day in C build system heck and made this

how is everyone else so cute and i just look awful 😭

what secret are y'all keeping from me :ms_angry_steam:

one of my cats is in heat and she is so loud aaaa. gonna get her spayed asap.

at least she's cuddly too and lets me pet her. but again she usually does lmao

i don't think it EVER dropped below like 150 fps at any point in the game.

it did crash a few times after autosaving, though.

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i love how spawning a piece of bfg ammo is the game's way of telling you "this is about to be a massive clusterfuck"

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stayed up all night playing doom eternal lmao

how is this game so optimized. graphics set to ultra nightmare, raytracing, no dlss, 1440p - locked to 164fps. wow.

omfg I thought I lost an expensive anker charger and cable

it was in my laptop bag the whole time lmaoooo

i sponsored a few people behind cool rust projects on github :)

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