yooo i got approved for github sponsors. if you like nanorand or some of the stupid shit i do, maybe send me a tip? 🥺👉👈 github.com/sponsors/Absolucy

i don't understand how Powercord is simultaneously absolute dogshit and the best public discord client mod

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Facebook: Our ‘metaverse’ will be the future of the internet, where everything from education, work and commerce will take place

VRChat Bunger race:

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.@NASA_Astronauts open Starliner's hatch on @Space_Station for the first time and welcome and Jebediah Kerman.

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i'm amused by this journalist discovering that the equipment required to reliably repair a modern cellphone is, in fact, complex, heavy, and expensive theverge.com/2022/5/21/2307905

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Here is your regular reminder that a screenshot attached to a dunk is also a signal boost. The difference from a QT is that people who have already blocked the dude now have to see his bullshit anyway.

Just stop signal boosting people you're mad at, please.

is it the absolute best option? no. but it works. i am getting tired of putting shit together myself, so I just want a plug'n'play solution now.

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my nas mobo or something died, so I kinda just yolo'd and bought a Synology NAS.

Good thing I backed up my shit to OneDrive and Google Drive before lmao

For some numbers:
rustpark has 55 crates
swmon has 78 crates
vendeliu has 37 crates
qcqi has 33 crates

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System76 has a new Cat in town! How do you think Kibbeth's first day is going?

@thelonelyghost forum signatures usually aren't just your name. they can be memes, quotes you like, information about you, links to your other accounts, etc. that makes sense.

why do people put a name signature on forums/social media that shows your (user)name above the post anyways? For example on /r/jailbreak, there's this one weirdo who always signs EVERY SINGLE ONE of their posts "-Starfox". I just don't get it. What's the point?

@chartier Woah, her keycaps look really nice. $165 though, that's about the price of my keyboard!

anyone know where I could buy some high quality pink keycaps? I feel the need to be more aggressively feminine

finally got my NAS making (encrypted) backups to cloud storage - both OneDrive and Google Drive, to be specific.

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Tip: Don't use the marker tool on your phone to redact information from a photo or screenshot.

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