I'd like to store some threads I'm having here on the fediverse in the Internet Archive or anything equivalent

How would I do that ?

replying because I'd also like to know a more direct means of accessing the underlying JSON-LD - that seems eminently archivable.

@jonny @abbienormal Please think twice before archiving threads. There are lots of reasons why people delete their toots. I've configured mine to auto-delete after a couple of months, just as an anti-doxxing measure. I happen to be white, male, cis, straight, and physically safe -- all the privileges -- but many people here are more vulnerable than I am. Archiving threads would stop people removing their toots at short notice if, for example, they were being stalked.

@markusl @jonny @abbienormal We need to work on a protocol that actually caters to these requirements, because relying on everybody's goodwill, and them all understanding these attack vectors, is not sufficient.

@wizzwizz4 @jonny @abbienormal Agreed. Ultimately, someone could just produce a version of Mastodon that ignored requests to delete messages, and I'll be surprised if no one's done that. Message deletion isn't bulletproof. But it does protect against the average stalker or other attacker, and that's a lot better than nothing.

@markusl @jonny

I could ask permission to the involved parties first

It's about the health of floss communities and it's by knowledgeable people

It'd be a pity if it went lost

Thank you though

It's an angle I hadn't considered

@jonny @abbienormal
one post could be downloaded by setting header: `curl -H 'Accept: application/activity+json' '

@abbienormal click on a timestamp to get a regular webpage of a thread, outside the normal masto web interface

Then pass that to whatever archive bot you please

@abbienormal i wish i knew, would be cool if there was some built in archiving functioning on the fediverse. I'm used as a place to cpy/paste or upload screenshops / link dump before


Take a look at the whole thread

There are some interesting elements

Via hubzilla, save of page as html is not successful. However, the mastodon thread saves to html easily.

As for permission, the moral is: think _very_ carefully before publication of content...
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