ALL the instances I'm trying are on Digital Ocean or Ovh

Shouldn't we be a bit more decentralized ?


I didn't know what Contabo is


But, I mean, shouldn't we host on small servers at home ?

Contabo is still a quite large org mediating your on line presence

I don't know, this think doesn't convince me

it's like activism on facebook or instagram

It has its pros, I get it

but it makes me feel uncomfortable

I think there should be more choice in instance selection

@abbienormal @twisterrm

The reason this instance is located OVH is because this instance is managed by @mastohost

I know that used to offer services to manage the instance on the customers own hardware, but I have no idea what the status is with that now.

@admin @abbienormal @mastohost Hosting at home would be nice but the uptime is farly incert, i mean if i turn on the oven and the washing machine the electricity in my house will down.
One nice thing could be create a sort of little data center inside some social space like squatted social centers, managed and maintened by community

@abbienormal @mastohost

There is already some p2p social networks - Manyverse is one of them for example.

That would be really nice, I have actually looked into doing something similar in my hometown, we have some very nice datacenters (bunkers and shit).

But there is a lack of people willing to collaborate and spend money on it.

@admin @abbienormal @mastohost I saw a lot of refurbished server at affordable price, for instance
DELL PowerEdge R320 server 8-CORE XEON E5-2450L 32GB
at 300€, plus in Italy a 1Gb fiber connection 1Gb down/300 Mb up will cost like 25€/mo I think that the biggest problem is just found some space that want to embrace the project, costs looks affordable (like 3 nodes vmware cluster with a storage ~= 1500/2000€).

@twisterrm @admin @mastohost

Finding the space is no small potatoes, for a rack server

That's the appeal of home setups

Maybe smaller but less demanding

@abbienormal @twisterrm @mastohost

I have plenty of rack-servers laying around to build a pretty good cluster.
Ofcourse - no vmware shit, since it does not support machines anno 2015 anymore.

@abbienormal @twisterrm @mastohost

Also, as uhmmm wrote - getting the servers cheap is easy

Finding a place to rack them - harder

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