Looking for work, Urgent 

So I'm in a bit of a pickle. The work exemption ends in about a month for my food stamps, and I need to find work or else I'll lose my only source of food & water I have given my conditions and my specific dietary and energy needs. If anyone is looking for a game designer or Game Maker Markup Language programmer and can staff me at least 30 hours a week, I would really appreciate it.

Boosts appreciated.


Here's a link to my portfolio in case anyone is interested. 💖

I have received several invitations to apply to open positions, I am very thankful. 💖

Looking for work, Urgent 

@ZenithTheReborn Boosted and sending all my luck and support. Wishing you the best, take care!

re:Looking for work, Urgent 

@ZenithTheReborn You're always welcome 💙

Jeez that's awful. I always wonder how many more people could be helped by using all that money means testing everyone on actually helping people.

Hope you get what you need soon.

Somehow I still qualify for Medicaid in Ohio. I think I make too much and have private insurance, but they paid my ER trip when Medical Mutual refused.

Everyone should have at least that.

@Tourma In WI, the then republican majority passed a law in 2015 that mandated work for just Food Stamps with some exceptions. I likely won't meet those exceptions. This requirement was paused during the pandemic and expires soon. This does not apply to health insurance assistance, thankfully.

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