Halloween week is gonna suck cos I'll be working extra hours and I don't get two days off in a row, so I'll be D E D

this week has been so hectic that i have no idea what day it is. i keep thinking it's sunday. confusionnnn

Meant to post a vlog to my Patreon yesterday, but I did not. Instead I made a 15 minute vlog that I posted on YouTube, lol. Oh well!

I’m never working all night shifts again. This whole week has been absolutely emotionally destroyed cos all I’ve done is work nights. Fuuuuck that. Gotta start all over again tomorrow. So tired. 😓

Closing at the cafe tonight. So tired already, but after tomorrow it's my weekend so at least there's that!

I'm still figuring out how this site works, so like bear with me, y'all.

Thursdays are my Mondays and I have no idea how to socialize w humans outside of the work I do, so social media is becoming the only place I talk to people/just as confusing as real life human interaction!!!! :ms_alien:

I set my smoke alarm off while creating this account - yay!

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