That's right, has gone live with its first usable pre-release! 🎉

Blog post:


For now the fork is essentially "Mastodon 2.9.0 with benefits", but in coming months more exciting features will be introduced. But this is a big milestone - it is no longer "vaporware" 🤩

To keep up to date with progress on the fediverse, follow these accounts:


Congratulations to everyone involved, and I'm excited to see what comes next. ✨

@TreacherousNexus The only feature is configurable post/bio length?

…weird how we're so used to being screwed over and dismissed that that actually sounds REALLY GOOD

@flussence users can also decide if they want to see DMs in the home timeline, just FYI 🙂

But you are right. The main focus for this release I think was on getting a stable codebase and doing project-related things/ basic fork stuff.

It's worth taking a look at the issue list to see the kinds of ideas that are floating around. Here's the tracking issue on Github:

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