Time for another

@mdhughes IS NOT A LINUX USER! See, I remembered this time πŸ˜‚

@linuxjournal is the "elder statesmen" of Linux magazines and well worth checking out. (Note: It's not the one I used to write for)

@ChrisWere is creating some really useful Linux distro review videos right now

@bob toots about the societal impact of software & technology in general

@fribbledom & @emsenn remind me of a time when I was younger, more energetic and wanted to do "all the things" online 😁

@emsenn @fribbledom yeah, I probably could've worded that better. πŸ˜…

What I'm trying to say is that your energy & enthusiasm reminds me of a time when I had that level of energy & enthusiasm.

Nowadays I'm a lot more reserved and cautious about trying new things and generating online content.

@TreacherousNexus @emsenn

Hah, understood πŸ˜†

Time to get that enthusiasm back!

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