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Selfie, ec, puppy 

I think I need to call HR, my coworker is harassing me

Good morning you sexy animals. Beautiful sunrise on my morning flight around the neighborhood.

Selfie, ec, boosts+ 

Before and after my girlfriend yelled "tiddies!" at me

tonight’s doodle before bed 🤡 :gay_weed:
(cw clown, weed)

Before and After shots

And you can see me testing out a couple of cells in my vape box :3

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toronto juneteenth sit-in protest, this friday at noon, college and bay

[boosts welcome]

seflie, ec, sappy, #366Challenge 

Cheating with an old photo today to celebrate three years of marriage with @Timothy

I love you booboo, for now and many more years :bowie_heart:

NSFW art, M solo 

What if Legosi wore Fox's clothes. what if.

Louis is obviously dressed as Wolf off-screen.

How to Investigate Your Local Police Department

" If you want to abolish the police or defund the police or even just ask for minor reforms, you’ll need to gather information and support."

New supervisor at work today... he seems pretty lazy though

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