Good morning everyone. Have an awesome start of your day. You deserve it... and yeah you totally look cute ;)

Happy Friday everyone. Time to share your furry friend for This is my princess Ginger!

Animal, ec 

Happy Friday everyone! Time to share pics of your fur babies! Meet Redick my cuddle monkey.

Animal, ec 

Happy Friday everyone! Time to share pics of your fur babies! Meet Redick my cuddle monkey.

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

sappy, affectionate 

Anyway, @david and @Timothy are super sweet and cute and loving and I love them
David is so caring and sweet all the time :blobcatheartR:
Tim is super considerate and affectionate and kind :blobcatheart:

That is all :blobcatlove:

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selfies, ec, gay 

A new experience today as I got to take a hot air balloon ride with @Timothy @shooshy and Kristoff

It was a lot of fun and even better to be able to share the experience with them :bowie_heart:

selfie, ec 

Some wonderful dragon or another got me a new collar, so I'm gonna show it off!

Love you @Timothy :ms_wink_kiss:

@Timothy and myself finally achieved our dream of living in Animal Crossing :bowie_heart:

The art is by who is open for commissions!

Just a semi-regular reminder that I do a weekly newsletter with things that I've read, watched, and listened to that I want to share this week. It goes out on Fridays

I'm also always open to improvement suggestions!

Made a quiche for breakfast. I'm love being able to chop up veggies with my claws :)Rawr!!

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