Good morning!! Belly rubs all around, rawrrr

Warmup speedpaint: Maid Marian, from Disnеy's Robin Hood.

Weekly Jackbox game at 7PM EDT if anyone wants to join us for some group party games

pride banner art, protest adjacent 

Header I put together last night, wanted to acknowledge pride month without taking away from the current situation. Also it didn't feel right to co-opt existing slogans so I went with something generic that hopefully still gets the point across.

NSFW. You must be 18+ to view this content: Cock and size difference 

Mozyz must receive all the pets before he'll let the big cat have his fun with him. What I want to know is where he keeps on finding these huge lads? >w>;

Patreon reward reward for Mozyz

Can I just have a morning cuddle party instead of working?

same as above goes for these. use as you want, credit me/ bewitcharts if asked, it’s nbd!!

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It's my birthday!

If you wanna help me out for my birthday, donate to one of the various bail funds, or attend a protest if you can. I'm not able to do either, so I would appreciate it.

That said, if you've already done that, I'm still tryin to save up money to go back to school, and I'd appreciate any assistance you can give me.
Cashapp: $shooshy162
Venmo: @shooshy
Thank y'all so much.

I have micromanaging supervisor that wont take her eyes off of me and one that doesnt care what I do

Khajit is good kitty. Khajit gets head pat for saving the world.

The storms last night raised the lake and prettied the clouds

Which of these Disney movies is better: Zootopia or Robin Hood?

SFW furry art, no eye contact 

Just got this comm from and aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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