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Hello friends, how's everyone's morning?? (If it's morning where you are of course)

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Hello friends how's everyone been? Ngl I forgot to check in here for a while because my brain go brrr sometimes.

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2022 is stupid girl summer and i'm so ready for it

Today extracts a heavy toll, I hope everyone's day was lovely!

I hope everyone has a great night/weekend♥️

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I figure some of y'all may appreciate cute PC showcases 🥰💗

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Hello new friends, how’s everyone doing?

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instance donation request 🧵 :boosts_ok_gay: 

If you like this service and want to help to keep it running, any donations would go a long way!

I currently use Patreon for these donations, at

If you don't want to or can't donate now no worries! I wouldn't mind a boost :boosts_ok_gay:

Welcome to Mastodon! Be excellent to each other!

/end 🧵

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I made this really cool key rack! Drilled holes through the memory, and now it's hung up on the wall 🥰

How many of y’all are into custom pc builds?

Greetings! I’m still new here, just installed the app haha. I hope everyone has a great day ❤️

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