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👋🏼 Heya! My name is Evie, but online I go by @​snuggle.

I'm a software engineer, so I make computers go beep-boop. 👩🏽‍💻 Pokémon are adorable, I love being cozy in the rain 🌧️ (or snow), and I've recently gotten into being a home coffee barista! ☕ I'm into all things science, tech and cyberpunk. Aged 22 and my pronouns are she/her. 🖖🏼

You can find me around on the internet at:

eye contact, selfie 

Day of interviews today, wish me luck! 😊

👋 Hey!

I'm a recent grad and looking for work in tech. I'm primarily interested in automating infrastructure with my goal to eventually work in SRE.

Please feel free to send me a DM or an email over at:

we don't live in a pants optional society :(

perhaps melatonin will solve my sleeping troubles

I have discovered the power of epilation, never shaving 🪒 my legs ever again! so soft. 🧸😳

very mildly political 

Phew! 🥵 40.2°C in England, United Kingdom today. 104.36°F for those Americans. Oh, everything is on fire as well, with bad smoky air quality. Here’s a reminder to vote 🗳 when you next can, we gotta save our poor planet. 🌍

In fact, it had cooled down a bit after bringing it inside to take a picture. Outside it had absolutely hit 50°C, thank goodness the lithium cell battery inside didn’t deflagrate

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I put a temperature sensor (bluetooth) outside and it recorded 48.8°C after sitting in the sun… 🥵

they should rename posting to tooting. it's whimsical and fun and would make for a distinctive brand.

Oh wow, I love how @Tusky allows Blobmoji on Android! 🥹

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