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Here is a bigger version of my profile picture. It's a mixed media illustration I did for a zine about systems and dissociation.

School has been really hard lately with all the isolation, so it was nice to find some way to express myself.

[Continued image caption:
-thank my brain for telling me when i need to clean out my bubble--by dissociating or getting activated
-surround myself with people who love me and see me authentically ]

Mutual aid, boosts appreciated, psychiatric service dog 

Hello guys: I am raising money for a service dog to help give me back my freedom and get through college.
No pressure to donate but if you wanted to share the link elsewhere on any other platform I would appreciate it :heart_nb:

Here's a tip for fellow #autistic people or people with #ADHD or other neurodiversities who are interested in #meditation and/or #Buddhism but find it hard to keep their mind from wandering:

Don't be afraid to use stim toys or other objects while you're meditating. Moving and playing with something doesn't make the practice less mindful, and in fact there's a long tradition behind it: there's a string of beads called a Japamala that is traditionally used in meditation, where the beads are passed through the fingers one by one while repeating a mantra. The beads keep track of the number of repetitions so you don't have to hold it in your mind if you're going for a specific number, but they also help to ground you to the world around you and quiet your mind

Personally, I use a worry stone while I meditate, but don't feel bad using anything you have around, like a stim toy, a chew necklace, a clicking pen, etc. There's nothing wrong with using what you have to stay mindful!

Need some help from #autistic #autism folks! I've got a friend on who's working on paper and needs some resources.

Here's what she says: " write a paper on how the Neurodiversity Movement is a resistance to effect of neoliberalism hegemonic educational trends upon autistic people. I want to demonstrate how Autism Speaks is part of the hegemony and how society ignores the fact that they don't work for the best interest of autistic people."

Boosts welcome! TY for anything you can offer!

Random #autistic superpower: Vampires can't take control of us bc we won't look them in the eyes.

The fact that "cw: eye contact" is such a big thing on Mastodon really suggests to me there is a large #autistic population on the #fediverse.

The Beck Spectrum twitch stream is in protest to Mark Rober's NEXT for Autism charity stream on youtube on the same time and date. Any boosts to help raise awareness for the stream are much appreciated. We have made this stream happen with only 10 days prior notice, whereas Mark Rober probably planned for months.
We wanted to offer a better charity event, and uplift the community after we were all so shaken up by Mark Rober.

Hey guys! I have found myself in the blessed position to be helping with Beck Spectrum's Now on April 30th starting at 4pm EST and ending at midnight. You can choose to donate to or through our tiltify campaigns. If you want to be entered for a giveaway be sure to put some form of contact information in the comments of your donation.
AWN tiltify link:
ASAN tiltify link:

Anyone have any good suggestions for how to wake up earlier or reset your sleep schedule after living on a 3rd shift sleep schedule for over a year? I'm having a real rough time.

Ptsd talk, housing 

Tfw you don't realize the call you missed from your landlord this morning triggered you until 5 hours into the day after you've already talked to people. Nngh.

Religion, Neurodivergence, Funny 

So, here's an idea: Jesus was austitic and just infodumping.

In, Through, and Beyond Saturn's Rings

Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, ISS, JPL, ESA, NASA #APoD

A sea shanty written by a bot 

O, the oak and the other Prince of Wales
For our old man said.
The anchor must be blind to make deck nails.
Oh, a roll in bed

We wish that you can't cook me
For we're bound away
Whiskey is the mate of the sea
Built in the bay

Really hope my last intake appt for this case manager goes well today. *fingers crossed*

Any HTML/CSS wizards interested in helping write template admin, user/org profile, & chat pages for a self hosted, p2p mutual-aid social network?

Has anyone every done an agr before? Apparently they're like real life puzzles that are hidden in stuff online. I just found the Enigma of Dolos puzzle with some people on discord and I'm having way too much fun! If you like puzzles or stuff like game theory, it's really cool and you should check it out.

It's that time again! Pause for a moment and just breathe.

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