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Hey, I'm Kyla! I'm a trans woman woman of color (she/her) and am a web dev. I work with Rails and React and have a strong focus on making tech more inclusive to marginalized people.

Currently I'm reading Brene Brown books, learning to sew and cross-stitch, and trying to learn video game music on the piano.

I haven't started yet but I also want to start streaming my live-coding adventures.

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Oops I gave myself heat exhaustion. Failed a con saving throw while out in the sun and then boom.
Got rough for a bit but I'm doing much better now

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Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

I was born in the mid-80s but experienced childhood in the 90s. Does that make me an 80s kid or 90s kid?

Can I like just be May from Questionable Content?

ADHD, meds talk, some excited yelling 

I should clarify on the last toot - this week has been pretty rough mental health wise. Still need to build myself up slowly, even with meds.

BUT! These meds, so far, have helped me almost as much as I dreamed it would. Obvs that could change as time passes. Do want to acknowledge that it's literally day 1 on it still.

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ADHD, meds talk, some excited yelling 

Like, before today, I was feeling like such a failure because of how much my brain gets in the way of itself. This could be such a game-changer for rebuilding my relationship with myself.

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ADHD, meds talk, some excited yelling 

OMG I'm on my first day of Vyvanse. 3 hrs into my first dose and I'm feeling... focused? Is this how NT ppl exist every day???

Like, the barrier for me to go from having a thought and then taking physical action is SO MUCH EASIER!

Also I'm feeling a bit more sociable. I want to see if my desire to engage with other ppl more regularly changes with this. I know that my mental state is one of my biggest reasons why I self-isolate (lots to unpack there later)

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Hot take on DC comics. 

Batman is technically Bruce Wayne’s fursona. Change my mind.

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Introducing 3 as a service! Completely free until we start putting ads in the results! 99.9% accurate! Here are some testimonials from happy customers:

"Super useful for when I need 3 in a hurry without having to implement it myself!" -Completely real developer name

"This is dumb, why can't you just type the number 3? Why is it inaccurate sometimes?!" -My thesis advisor

"I'm glad you're happy but where is the homework? It was due yesterday." -CS Instructor

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Phone: “Take yer pills!”

Me: “Oh.” *Accidentally mashes take all button before taking them.* “Oh no. Okay. We can do this. Just don’t get distracted don’t get distracted don’t get distracted…” *Makes way to kitchen while chanting*

ADHD: “This chanting is like a musical. WE SHOULD DANCE AND SING DONT GET DISTRACTED”

10 minutes later: “OH SHIT MY PILLS”

My gf just got a copy of this TTRPG that she backed called Thirsty Sword Lesbians and there's some STUNNING art in there. Just wow.

Facebook Marketplace is just Craigslist. Fraigslist.

Just finished my first run for the . Feels good to finally commit myself to moving my body more.

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serious; about online trans communities 

yknow, DIY HRT is not ideal but i do wish there wasn't such a culture of shaming around it in so many trans spaces

Odyssey did such a great job improving on that with adding end-game content. Also it's interesting having played Odyssey before Galaxy and seeing where some of the content in Odyssey came from

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Mario Galaxy could've just ended their game after Mario gets all of the stars. I don't really care to replay the whole game as Luigi.

Listen, I'm not saying that Rosalina is trans, but she's trans

Cute person mentioned last time is here again 😳

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