would you let a friend, that you’re comfortable with and known for awhile, that’s a nudist/naturist be naked at your home if they asked when they would come over to visit?

@RussellTheFox I'm trying to figure out why "no" when I know I'm OK with naked hot tubs.

@sparrowsion @RussellTheFox I think it's the "your home" part.
That made me struggle a little, although I ultimately came down to "yes".

@RussellTheFox If you came over, you'd be more than welcome to whenever you want and with like... 90% of visitors to our home :bowie_blush:

@RussellTheFox Well since you asked nicely... I'm down to bet my morning cereal that a LOT more people would be cool with nudism if the baggage from normie society was taken off of it.

@marenzie big agree! It’s so silly that’s it’s seen as taboo. Like, why??

@RussellTheFox I put “yes” but I’m more in the “it depends” camp. I’m cool with the idea in general but I am also a bit of a germaphobe

I would probably say no to a hairy individual, I would expect my guest to shower prior to visiting, and I would strongly prefer underwear be kept on when sitting down on chairs/couch for sanitary reasons

@konsan well, I do remove all of my own body hair lol

As for that, it’s common place for nudists to keep towels handy to put down anything they sit on

@RussellTheFox Thanks for educating me! Then I would say, definitely yes 😊

@konsan you’re very welcome! Nudists in general are very polite and courteous, but we just don’t like clothes lol

@RussellTheFox Seeing the results so far is very reassuring, it definitely feels like something that could become more accepted over time. 💚

@RussellTheFox honesty I’d probably join them till i got too cold and needed pants

@kotinotter aww! That’s really cool of you though. I am kinda biased but it’s the best way to be lol

@RussellTheFox oh i feel like it’s definitely ideal even despite my own body/dysphoria issues, i just get cold without pants even if it’s super warm lol

@kotinotter if ya feel cold, I can’t blame you then haha. But it is very much the idea way to be tbh

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