e begging, im sorry ;-; 

Told this morning that I have only a month to find a place to move to or I’m left homeless by my ex and her family this morning. Any help is appreciated, even if you just RT. Thank you.

e begging, im sorry ;-; 

God, you guys...

Thank you for the support. I can’t thank you all enough ;;;-;;;

re: e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox i'm so sorry you're having to deal with them, wishing you well

re: e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@kat I'm just so demotivated and depressed and I'm just told Im not trying hard enough to find a place.

Every place I can afford is not calling me back and I want to cry

re: e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox i'm sorry they're doing this to you, i hope you can get somewhere safe away from them soon

re: e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@kat I hope so. I just want somewhere safe to stay and it feels impossible.

e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox You don't need to apologize for asking for help, ok? Your friends on here love and support you.

e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@sharkNserg idk

today was a bad day at work and my depression is really awful right now

e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox I am so sorry that it's been so hard for you. I am rooting for you to be able to move past this :bowie_heart:

re: e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox I'm sorry I can't help with it. I hope you get somewhere to be safe friend. I'm really sorry you have to go through this

e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox I really hope you’ll be ok, Russ. You deserve so much better and you should be safe and happy 💚🐀

e begging, im sorry ;-; 

@RussellTheFox oh so sorry this is happening, much love and hugs for you, if i had soemthing to thow your way (i soon will so i hope i can find this again in the next couple weeks)

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