nudity mentions 

Normalize casual nudity with friends if they want to be that way.

Naked does not equal sexual and sure as heck does not equal consent.

Even if somebody is hard that doesn鈥檛 mean consent, people sometimes just get hard for no reason at all and like that.

Bodies are nice in every way. 馃挌

Tootle for Mastodon 3 5 20

nudity mentions 

@RussellTheFox with that said, I miss having friends over and I could wear nothing and not worry. Stupid pandemic. >:c

re: nudity mentions 

@RussellTheFox Definite mood. Not that I have too many friends I can do this with, but there's no way I can safely make trips for this purpose, especially with those who live hundreds of miles from me :C

nudity mentions 

Uh u do live in a very open environment

nudity mentions 

@adidal my apartment? I鈥檇 say so.

nudity mentions 

@RussellTheFox my old house we were always nude around each other. It's very freeing

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