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Heya! I'm Russell, lovable potato stuck on Long Island. In my 30s, I'm grey ace, panromantic. I live with my lovely partner Lynette, we have an open relationship that we take day by day. he/him or they/them.

My main fursona is Russell, pudgy arctic fox supreme! He's very much me, right down to the body shape. My other is Claire, an African wild dog for exploring my expressions for femme things, maybe enby feelings and other stuff I just don't know really. Feeling girly is nice. 💚

VRChat pics 

Tonight was a lot of fun, after hosting my forza league event, I jumped on VRChat with some friends and explored some car themed worlds. Then a dorky deer tagged along.

Zest popped in too and gosh heckie I'm a dum dum because I forgot to get a pic with her. :c next time, tho. She's an elusive lil kobold.

Do I play VRChat or play Forza Motorsport 7?


Had a scare last night where I thought I screwed up my computer’s audio drivers, after disconnecting my headphones while in VR. My mic got manually muted, so I thought the drivers got screwy and even did a scan for corrupted files but all I had to do was literally go into my mic’s properties and uncheck the mute button.

Life be like that sometimes.

WRECKFEST TIME. Spontaneous stream for wreckfest since I had no idea what to stream tonight lmao. COME ON BY, Y'ALL.

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today i'm hoping to finish this peaceful forest brunch. this is a commissioned piece I started a few weeks ago.

VRChat photos/selfies 

aaaaaa My buddy Naylen did some more tweaks on my Russ avy and his expressions are fixed, he's got hoodies and uh, he's got sliders for his thighs and tum. :3

I'm so happy weeeeee

Alright, y'all! Forza Horizon 4 Adventure Lobby stream is a go! Come on by! =]

VRChat seflies 

Couldn't resist. Jumped back on VRChat but nobody else was on. Sooooo I got a few selfies! I plan on getting better pics with friends soon aaaaa

AAAA productive day! Big big BIG thank you to my friend
@Zest for helping me setup my VR headset today. aaaaa It was rather involved but we got it working! I'm so happy! =]

Next time I'm on VRChat I'll get photos of my sona in there.

good morning i am fox of snow

pls pet and give snacks thank u

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really excited for @kat 's VRChat meetup tomorrow aaaaaaaaaa

ALRIGHT Y'ALL. It's time for a private A class FM7 session tonight. Come on by or just watch! =]

Really wanna comm @bupy to draw my sona in...


and being


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Also abolish the idea that you need to continuously work an 8 hour 5 day a week job with little to no breaks for your entire life in order to be deemed "successful" later in life.

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Listening to early 00’s alt rock again just to fucking feel something today.

I really hate it when something as simple of friends on here unfollowing me gives me massive anxiety.

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