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for 2022!

heya there, you can call me Claire! Russell is okay too! Somebody just trying to find their way in life. Im non binary, ace panromantic. they/them, 30s and stuck on Long Island.

Single, not looking for romance but I love to talk! Sorry if I come off as clingy...

My sonas are an African wild dog and an arctic fox. Russell is like my pudgy self, Claire my expression for somebody on the autistic spectrum and feeling femme. Gender is weird, Im just soft and cute, okay?

HP LOVECRAFT: Okay so there's this gigantic fucking monster

FANS: Okay!

LOVECRAFT: You even LOOK at it and you go crazy with madness

FANS: Holy shit! That's awesome

LOVECRAFT: And there's this whole pantheon of galactic horrors, and humanity is small and pathetic in the face of their existence!

FANS: Daaaaaamn, this sounds scary and cool!

LOVECRAFT: Also I fucking hate women and minorities!

FANS: uh

normalize sending friends nudes in a playful way

all the fun things get labeled taboo and it’s so booooring

best part about never wearing clothes at home is waaaaayyyyy less laundry to do lol

Horny, furry arts w/big bellies 

Today’s mood.

Also, friends I have mutual crushes with, this is how I like imagining my sona with yours. 💚

Artwork by PinkTabico

oh hey let’s play that fun meme going around :3

🟥 intimidating, always on tl, scared to dm or interact

🟦 chaotic af, never shuts up, a whole circus

🟩 soft mutual, baby, friendly, would protect

🟨 lowkey crush, would take on a date

angy, people being creepy 

god like, why do I get like once a month, some weirdo in my telegram DMs just posting IRL tummy things with no context or consent. Yeah, I talk about tummies on some spaces of the internet but ffs, that DOES NOT MEAN BE OPENLY HORNY AT ME WITH NO CONTEXT OR MYSELF KNOWING WHO YOU ARE. Goddamnit.

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