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New for 2021

Heya, the name’s Russell. Somebody just trying to find their way in life. Grey ace, panromantic, feelings of being non binary, he/they, 30ish and stuck on Long Island, NY.

Single, but not looking for romance.

My main fursona is my arctic fox who is pretty much modeled after my pudgy and chubby self. My other fursona is Claire, an African wild dog girl. She’s a representation of my life as somebody autistic and my expression for feeling femme.

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e-begging but also good news 

So yesterday I looked at a room to rent after finally getting a response from places I looked into. I talked with the owner, the room is decent sized and cozy. The payments are weekly and I can afford them.

Last night I filled out a background check and I got confirmed for the room. This morning I sent my first payments. I did it. ;-;

My last issue now is that I have no furniture of my own. Not even a bed. Any help goes towards that ;-;

i miss having somebody with me when i go to sleep tbh

STREAM TIME! Playing Nova Drift! I have been hooked on this game since last night and it is soooo much fun. Later on I will start my playthrough of Super Mario Bros 3 as well! COME ON BY!!

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@kat Put in a support ticket for something in World of Warcraft.
She got an interesting response.


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PUBLIC LOBBY HELL TIME! Gonna be doing C class this time around, but the madness should still be the same haha. Come on by! Or find my lobby >:3c

Reminder that the majority of gamers out there are still insufferably ignorant and hateful cis dudes who want to yell slurs of all sorts.

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If you say “big belly” at all that summons me from the shadows

I find it endlessly ironic that the people who whine about “cancel culture” are the same people who shamelessly indulged in “cringe culture” and had no issues harassing and bullying people that way.

Today is but I’m gonna continue to love and support my trans friends everyday. 💚

PUBLIC LOBBY HELL STREAM TIME! Come on by as I play in A class public hoppers tonight. How bad will it get??

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