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Heya! I'm Russell, lovable potato stuck on Long Island. In my 30s, I'm grey ace, panromantic. I live with my lovely partner Lynette, we have an open relationship that we take day by day. he/him or they/them.

My main fursona is Russell, pudgy arctic fox supreme! He's very much me, right down to the body shape. My other is Claire, an African wild dog for exploring my expressions for femme things, maybe enby feelings and other stuff I just don't know really. Feeling girly is nice. 💚

Forza Horizon 4 photography stream!! The Corvette C8 also got added so guess what I'll be getting pictures of! =] Come on by!


sex is not a requirement in a romantic relationship

especially if your partner is asexual

if you can't respect that and you make it your reason for "falling out of love" with somebody because sex overall makes them uncomfortable, you need to self reflect a ton.

rambling thoughts 

with my partner breaking things off with me, i know im not going to ever find love like this again

what im sort of wanting in life (right now) is companionship. it doesn't have to be a relationship, i just want somebody to be with me and just enjoy the travels of life.

its funny, i had this sort of thing in my mind for years while with my partner, just never thought id actually have things come to this point

life comes at you fast, i guess

my partner broke things off with me

it hurts. ten years, gone.

one thing about watching a friend who is a streamer but have active chats is that as the weeks go by, it's harder to just chat to them like before.

rambling thoughts, nudist mentions 

I keep putting off making a discord server for other queer folx who enjoy being naked casually or in general. I want it to be inclusive, I run a casual nudist chat on telegram but it’s mostly cis guys.

LIVERY STREAM! Finishing off my Audi for an upcoming touring car series then making some decals. Come on by for the chill vibes!

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Protogens are just cyberpunk kobolds, change my mind

making myself horny just to forget about how shitty things are is a bittersweet thing to do

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im pretty for a very cute guy and thats really cool

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