If I'm gonna get a job where I operate enterprise-grade servers, I think I better learn how to use based distros. So I think I'll try to experiment with and . I've never really explored much in the RHEL branch, I've only really explored the and branches. I get the impression that a lot of Linux servers use RHEL based distros, so I think it might be very valuable to learn.

@RachaelAva1024 This was pretty much my career path, too. I recommend it, but only because it worked for me. I have no other experience to compare it with.

For the record, though, RHEL is based on Fedora, not the other way round. Fedora is upstream for RHEL and CentOS/Rocky/Alma.

@RachaelAva1024 Fedora's easier to learn. It has so many extra packages in repos and RPMfusion.

Once you know Fedora, switching to RHEL is a matter of learning to live within a comparatively highly controlled environment, discovering all the packages it *doesn't* have (stability comes with a cost!), dealing with subscription management, and things like that.

Great for servers, though I do run RHEL on my work laptop. It doesn't inspire quite the same spontaneity that Fedora or Debian does.

Debian like distros are more used in cloud native environment and Fedora / RHEL / SUSE are more used in industrial env or internal IT of companies.

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