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Hello there! If you're reading this, welcome to me account! I'm a 20something just tryin' to survive the struggles of life. Bi/pan, he/they, always there if ya need to talk one way or another.

My fursona is a wolf (generic I know lol) and is an outlet for me to express myself better.

I'm an auto tech student in the Seattle area learning more about myself as I was diagnosed with Asperger's only a few years ago. Still a long road ahead of me but I know I can power through it.


Wonder if anyone has done a PMV or HMV to Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden


Well, my partner will not be making the venture up here from Vancouver, WA. Why? because my parents were supposed to take the dog with them on their little getaway this weekend but have been asked to haul a bunch of stuff up for my uncle and aunt meaning my sister would have to watch him while I was at school. At least there's spring break!

fetish/always sunny 

so there's an Always Sunny episode where Dee and Dennis pop something at a club and then end up dancing in ABDL gear which is then shown on Dancing Guy's public access show. This episode was like 2006?


I'm looking to get some femme undies for myself. Any recommendations? Just... experimenting I guess you could say.

Butt/toilet, blood 

I need to pack wipes holy shit

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Butt/toilet, blood 

Goddamn I hate rough shitty toilet paper making me butt bleed a little bit


honestly? can't wait for my parents to go out of town next weekend so i can be naked for long periods of time.

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So my grandmother had the great idea to stop at a bar on her way home from a doctors appointment yesterday, get plastered, and then try and drive home. She got scared by other drivers, somehow made her way to our house where she REEKED of alcohol and could barely walk only for my mom and I to drive her the rest of the way home.

Please, do not drink and drive.

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Need financial help, please boost 

Hey there,

I realize I’ve been asking very often recently, but I’m having continued financial issues. I’ve been able to squeeze through last month and was able to pay rent this month and several payments I had hanging, but once again that leaves me on the rope for the rest of this month and to buy food

I would greatly appreciate if you could drop me some money if you are able to! Any amount helps.

Boosts also help immensely, and they’re also very appreciated!

Thank you very much, have a nice day

It's a day like today that I'm reminded about Daft Punk's work with Kanye West is some of their best. Yeah, it's Kanye, but I put that aside because there's a version of the song without lyrics.

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I should really invest in a second Switch dock so I don't have to deal with the hassle of setting it up to record or stream Switch games. My computer is in a separate room than my bedroom.

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art thread p5- werewolf fetch 

wanted to break up the needy stuff with something cute

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Asking help for a friend, Twitter link, boosts ok 

A good friend of mine is in serious financial trouble and may lose his car and phone in a couple of days.

If you can donate anything, please do so

fps games 

I play Halo as a relaxer. Sure, there's tense moments but it's oddly enough a bit of a zen game for me. Some matches I do super well, others I'm just garbo, but I'm just havin' fun with people online. I really only get sweaty when I do campaign on higher difficulties.

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fps games 

I have a lot of fun playing Halo.

Sometimes there are matches where my entire team just quits for one reason or another and I just end up convincing the entire enemy team to just let me live and they can have a win. No use trying in a 4v1 lol.

There's also the instances where I'm screwin' around in a match and someone from the opposite team joins me. The adventures in social Halo matchmaking are fun.

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