its hard to explain all thats going on in my head but i think i deserve to be alone/die alone, undateable and unlovable

on um lighter news here, i made a shitty meme on why i identify as a sapphic and not a lesbian

basically what happened today in class was that we had presentations about indigenous body art plus a piece of art, before i could present the culture i chose this dude presented the same and did like a way way elaborated presentation that made mine basically look like a cheap copy and explained everything and i just didnt want to go cuz i felt bad and also i hate presentations cuz of trans reasons

also yes im 23 :')

parents asking me what happened in class today and having to tell em nothing because i know they would mock me for what happened

probably one of the worst mornings in my life, aside from the one after Thanksgiving

literally probably lost the points of this project because i cant stop crying and bring myself to present


it happened again, i cried so hard in the shower i threw up..


cant stop thinking how deep down i am a horrible person

Twitter, Covid vaccines 

i swear having a check mark melts your brain, plus yknow, it was the US who helped these companies prevent other countries from using the formula like how our minister of health said we can make it but we arent allowed

im trying to keep working on this test at home and all my brain can do is "hahah you are yearning for someone you love hahahahaha"

@kat Put in a support ticket for something in World of Warcraft.
She got an interesting response.


hey thats a nice titan fresh out of the drop, it would be a shame if i were to destroy it in seconds :3c

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