Whoa! Have you heard of @PronounsPage ?? I was considering writing my own, but this is EXACTLY perfect for including in an email signature!!


ugh… just acknowledging someone's pronouns is not the same as actually respecting them!

Maia Kobabe's pronouns apparently don't sit well with Wikipedia editors, but they don't wanna seem transphobic, so they just… skipped eir pronouns entirely 🤦


@e i'm seeing plenty of db connection issues in the logs, but no time at the moment to properly debug it. i'm just gonna restart the server 😅 (few minutes downtime)

@e this happens for maybe half a minute while deploying a new version. it should be up now :)

of course you can contribute to open source without coding. a majority of people who create @PronounsPage@twitter.com don't know how to code 😉

RT @shreyacasmalert@twitter.com

5 non-code ways to contribute to open source 👇🏻

🐦🔗: twitter.com/shreyacasmalert/st

sorry for the issues with our server! it should be fine now 😉

This is a cute idea. en.pronouns.page/ Thanks to @PronounsPage for it and thanks to @MmeLibertine for telling me about it.

We're proud to announce that pronouns.page is now available also in Ladino or Judeo-Spanish, the traditional language of Sephardic Jews. In the future, we'd love to add even more versions in endangered languages, helping their queer speakers express themselves!

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Kon orgolyo anunsiamos ke tenemos adisyonado mueva version de muestro sitio – agora pronouns.page es tambien disponivle en Ladino (Djudezmo), la lingua de los djudios sefaradis!


@e we're discussing that with the author, but there's a lot of technical difficulties to solve, so… we'll see 😉

we just found out about a really cool project by @cyyynthia_@twitter.com – it lets you connect to multiple platform and provides browser browser extensions that display people's pronouns right next to the username.

go check it out! 😉


@e we've had it in our dictionary for a while now – but had no idea that Merriam-Webster is watching it 😊

We've already had such a page for Polish for a while, now we're starting to add it for other languages 😊


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If you don't speak Japanese, but are interested in how pronouns work in this language, we've prepared a short overview in English 😉


Among all the terrible things happening in the world, at least for our humble project it was a great year. And we wish all our queer siblings that the coming one brings them plenty of happiness, joy, acceptance, inclusivity and equality ❤️


@e it might be in both, indeed… it's hard to keep the code generic enough for all languages to fit in nicely 😅

“he” and “she” and are in a separate category from “they”, for good reasons, but there's probably plenty of people who use all three interchangeably.

fortunately, we're flexible enough to just allow putting in en.pronouns.page/he&she&they or whatever else one needs 😉the “any:normative” syntax is just an extra helper on top of the existing flexibility

new feature: if you use any pronouns, but only from a specific group (like “any neopronouns”), you can now link to it 🥳

check out en.pronouns.page/any:neopronou
or just put “any:neopronouns” in your profile

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