@moonbolt of course it’s not okay. myself, i had to stop donating blood because i moved to a country that forbade MLM from donating for no good reason. it’s outrageous.

obviously not all checkboxes are made equal, we’re just poking fun at a transphobe who fights against one for very petty and hateful reasons.

@saxnot @sergeantcat@pl.zombiecats.run sure, but it’s ladbible and others who gave him a platform — queer people have every right to use their platform to poke fun at his bigotry

@saxnot yeah, that sucks a lot… but here the idea was to be more inclusive, and the dude just couldn’t stand a thought of a trans guy feeling included 🙄

@sergeantcat@pl.zombiecats.run ideology of… asking people medically relevant questions?

snowflake can save someone's life, but decides to feel prosecuted instead, because he's being asked to… *checks notes* tick a box.

Our Polish team has published a zine about discovering one's gender and living as a nonbinary person. Huge thanks for all the contributors and editors!


RT @neutratywy@twitter.com

Z dumą prezentujemy stworzony przez polskojęzyczną społeczność osób niebinarnych zin na temat odkrywania swojej płci oraz życia jako osoba niebinarna. Szeroka tematyka oraz dowolność formy zaowocowały dużą różnorodnością zgłoszeń. Zaparszamy do lektury!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/neutratywy/status/

One of our team members, Shio, created a tool that lets you quickly check if there's “Gender Critical” content under a given twitter handle (currently optimised for Japanese). Check it out 😉


We did sensitivity review of the Polish translation of Mark Gevisser's “Pink Line”, and we're proud to put our logo on the back cover 😊

RT @neutratywy@twitter.com

Już za tydzień premiera polskiego wydania książki Marka Gevissera „Różowa linia. Jak miłość i płeć dzielą świat” (tłum. Adrian Stachowski) – której Rada Języka Neutralnego ma zaszczyt udzielić mecenatu merytorycznego ❤️

Recenzja Andrei @AvrisIT@twitter.com:


🐦🔗: twitter.com/neutratywy/status/

Happy Pride Month! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

We wish all our queer siblings a world that accepts you and celebrates you for who you are!

RT @CalendarQueer@twitter.com

[English] 2022-06-01

We're celebrating:
- Marriage Equality Day (Belgium)
- Pride Month


🐦🔗: twitter.com/CalendarQueer/stat

@Elizafox somebody pointed out that we already include a heterosexual flag (of course not the "straight pride" bullshit used for hateful events) – so that straight trans people could express their full identity.

therefore for those four flags (heterosexual, heteroromantic, monoamorous, monogamous) we've added the following asterisk:

@Elizafox sorry that it took me a bit, i had to focus on a business trip 🙄

the team doesn't have strong opinions about the flag: just because someone is monog, doesn't mean they're hating polyam people; and we'd rather give benefit of the doubt that this flag was created in good faith, as an analogy, not a mockery.

but of course we don't want to suggest that being monogamous makes you queer in any way – yet including those flags could indeed be interpreted that way…

@Elizafox that's one of the reasons we avoid changing the set of flags anymore: each change requires thought, insight and discussion, and it's hard to find time sometimes, we're all volunteers doing it in our free time

anyways… i posted about that in our internal chat, we'll talk it through. i guess i'll need to write a script to turn 3,2k users' flags into custom flags, etc. 😅 so not promising anything soon

– Andrea

@Elizafox idk, my policule says it's fine 😜

but seriously, tho… personally, as a polyamorous person, i don't have a problem with this flag, but i do get your point. monogamy isn't queer, it shouldn't be there, if at least for consistency's sake.

we added it one day because somebody asked for it for completeness, and we didn't think much about it

🇨🇦 Canada becomes the first country to provide census data on transgender and nonbinary people – and it lets us make some more educated estimates of how many of us are there in the world 😉


@stolas_mk2 just making fun of transphobes who give out “accidental ally” vibes? 😜

how would you like to be able to log in using IndieAuth? 😉

we needed to reconfigure our email settings, and it looks like for the last half hour or so emails either weren't sent or were very likely to end up in spam.

if you had problems logging in, please try again. it should be resolved now 🤞

I recommend you @PronounsPage for putting your pronouns in social networks. You can also put your gender identity and your sexual orientation. They also make card pronouns!

By the way, you cisgender people can put your pronouns too; putting your pronouns on social networks transmits to trans people a feeling of "safe space", even if your pronouns are “obvious”. We should normalize saying our pronouns after saying our name, regardless if we are trans or cis.

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