🧵hi! we remove pages that contain hate speech, including publicly hating on / questioning the identity of people who in good faith identify as lesbians despite not being cis monosexual women. we're not here to police anyone's identity, just to keep hate speech off our servers +

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you gotta be kidding me

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that being said, we DON'T think simply saying “i'm not a supporter” qualifies as hate speech. we're also not there to check what anyone does outside of the portal, we should only be moderating the content of a particular page. +


moderation is being done by volunteers according to our moderation guidelines – which state that if in doubt we should discuss it in a bigger group or give the benefit of the doubt. unfortunately, that did not happen in your case. +

our moderators may sometimes make mistakes or follow their own views. we all try to stay objective but we're all just people and can overreact sometimes.

i've removed your ban and i apologise for the moderator's mistake, it shouldn't have happened. +

i've also added instructions on how to appeal a ban to the automated notification emails. in the coming days i'll implement a mechanism so that each ban will have to be approved by multiple moderators.

– Andrea

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