snowflake can save someone's life, but decides to feel prosecuted instead, because he's being asked to… *checks notes* tick a box.


"I pointed out to the staff that it was impossible for me to be in that position"

"okay let me check 'no' for you"

@PronounsPage Would you trust a nurse/doctor without basic knowledge of biology?

@PronounsPage The number of boxes I have to tick in life that really should be obvious don't apply to me... And that's just my day job

@PronounsPage dude’s never ticked no on a box that obviously doesn’t apply to him?


@PronounsPage to be honest I would have been turned away too if I had to provide my sexuality or gender.

Here in germany they ask people weather they are gay or not.
Gay people will get a free harassment because they lecture people about aids or something idk.

@saxnot yeah, that sucks a lot… but here the idea was to be more inclusive, and the dude just couldn’t stand a thought of a trans guy feeling included 🙄

@PronounsPage as a gay I would just lie.

"Yeah sure I'm straight whatever I want that coupon for a meal and a free fanta"

@PronounsPage .hg I'm not saying you're wrong here, but it's not okay for e.g. me& to have to disclose whether we fuck men in order to donate blood

@moonbolt of course it’s not okay. myself, i had to stop donating blood because i moved to a country that forbade MLM from donating for no good reason. it’s outrageous.

obviously not all checkboxes are made equal, we’re just poking fun at a transphobe who fights against one for very petty and hateful reasons.

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