Honestly I'm becoming more and more interested in trying out lately. I've asked about it in a Discord server and I was recommended . I think I might try installing it in and see how it goes. I guess I'm mainly held back by the learning curve and the fact that I wanna learn about a bunch of other tech stuff, so adding a whole new operating system might be pretty overwhelming.

#Linux makes learning and playing with other tech stuff SO much easier.

Especially Manjaro, Arch and other distros that support AUR, which is like the most liberal package repo in the world and that is easy to add your stuff too.

Want to play with some library/framework, no matter how experimental?
One command on the terminal, and it is there and ready to go.

I absolutely love this playground aspect.

PopOS should be fine too.

@houkimenator Isn't Arch super complicated and for advanced users though?

Technically, Arch is simpler than most other distros.
But setup is hard because it intentionally does not have an easy installer.

This is to make you learn how linux actually works and what you can do with it.

Manjaro is very close to Arch, but it does setup and some other stuff for you and in general is quite casual.

It is like Arch in being a good playground, but with the main pain point removed.
They cater for gamers, who are casual but sometimes need superpowers.

Quite popular

I now think however that all of this might not be relevant for you.
Literally any linux distro is a much better playground than windows is.
So whatever feels comfortable for you should be good enough.

@Nyla_Smokeyface even if it turns out to not work for you. Trying out something completely different can be great fun. Personally loved it and stuck with it for years. :)


PopOS isn't bad¹, but you should try what people around you are using and/or what has a big community (like Debian or Mint), it's better for getting support.

¹ I guess, I haven't actually tried it.


It was.
Now it's not much more complicated than PopOS, Mint or Ubuntu.
In French there's a version for beginners,

I learned Linux by jumping into Ubuntu balls-deep and I personally didn't find it too overwhelming. Having such a free environment for development is very helpful when you're embarking on new technical horizons.

Having to learn a whole new set of terminal commands was a bit of an arse, though.

@Nyla_Smokeyface As someone who’s used Pop!_OS extensively, I can say for sure that it’s a good distro to get started with. And hey, if it’s not the right distro for you, that’s COMPLETELY okay. You just have to find the right one for you.

@Nyla_Smokeyface You’re very welcome! If you need help with anything Linux related, don’t hesitate to ask me. 😊

The learning curve is not as big as past years. Pop_OS is wonderful.

@Nyla_Smokeyface I'm carefully doing the balancing act between not saying anything at all vs. being an enthusiastic promoter of non-proprietary solutions.

Are you looking for advice on how to proceed? I'm not going to suggest anything unless I know what you're looking for, if anything.

If so, would you mind sharing what systems you're using now?

@loke Sure, advice would be great!

I use both Windows and Mac. If I get into Linux I'd have the full trifecta! 🤣

@Nyla_Smokeyface Are you a developer? I'm asking because that's the biggest factor in deciding an approach.

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