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If you're interested in submitting a short story to be read on The Voice of Dog podcast, but aren't sure if the story fits, or just want to see what the podcast is like, here are a list of the stories I've had featured:


Kinse the kobold party planner has never met a dragon like Wylia before. Can she give her the party she wants? Or is she too unlike her other clients?


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"A Gentle Rustling of Leaves":

Selene’s a fox forest spirit made of leaves who’s determined to leave no field unfrolicked in. Who will she meet on her adventures?

Honestly, even with this story being so short it's probably my favorite I've written so far. I really think I nailed the writing style I was going after and I'm still happy with the ending all this time later.

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Clive and Sherman are about to find out the truth to the rumors of spirits on the train they’ve hitched a ride on. But will they survive?

A spooky story for a Halloween themed set of episodes from last year.

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"Fireside Meeting in the Outer Kuiper Belt":

A first of its kind collaboration on Voice of Dog pulled together by Rob MacWolf wherein a larger framing narrative of characters sitting around a fire telling stories to each other provides the backdrop for the flash fiction pieces that they tell to each other. I narrate my own story about a moth chasing after his firefly boyfriend through an asteroid field in "You're My Guiding Star"

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@Nenekiri That was an excellent project :)

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