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me: I am a serious person.

also me: *picks out a t-shirt with a mean girls quote on it*

I might have also changed the default image on my "About this Mac" screen... productive day after all 😂

Today on things that I didn't need to spend any time on, I have recoloured iMessage's logo to be pride related. I know, contrast isn't great but I haven't inverted the bubble yet to black

Send help. I need a support group for partners who are in tech but make questionable decisions

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Follow up, they also use a light theme on mastodon. Think I'm about to be newly single with all these things I didn't know about them.

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"Edge is my default browser. It is much better than the others" - My partner who likes sleeping on the sofa until further notice, colourised - 2020

After buying TikTok , Microsoft immediately rebrands it to bring this exciting new market segment they have acquired in line with corporate identity guidelines.

Spoiler in "Silicon Valley" 

I should probably say that this is the plot to Silicon Valley. I just want freedom to access things but be able to say no bad traffic on my network

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Anyone thinking it's time for a "new internet" based on P2P technology and then I can choose to just not peer with TERFs or bigots. I just want everyone to work together ^_^

PSA: Sleep is super important.
Also Me: *sleeps for more than 10 hours interrupted and now has a new lease on life*
Life: No
Me: *shrugs and keeps on vibing*

It's days like today where I am re-learning a bundle of basic life skills again that I really appreciate the cool people I've met in the past couple of months ^_^

You know what, having a content warning ability in this is a godsend... I'm just hoping there is a standard approach for "things I dont wanna see" like almost hashtags in CWs so you can just filter them out. That said it's only so I dont cause problems for others

unconditional love 

btw, @david, thank you for approving my account! I realised my iPhone put in odd capitalisation when I signed up... oh well, think it's stuck for life right?

Don't worry though, you're an amazing human being for setting this place up and letting people use the domain xxx

So my personal startpage is now looking pretty good if you're accessing remotely without the correct tokens...

me: I am a serious person.

also me: *picks out a t-shirt with a mean girls quote on it*

Can I just say, whomever did the illustration for this server... it's really beautiful! Anyone know who did it?

Finally... I can post things online and not have to worry about getting stomped on by "bUt I hAd A bAcOn SaNdWiCh ToDaY sEnD mE lOve" and get back to my regularly scheduled nerd-ing! In short...

Hello World.

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