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Hey! I'm new here, but not to Mastodon. I'm just gonna paste my bio for my :

I'm Matsuba, or Tom, a tech enthusiast and tech skeptic rolled into one. I'm gay, masc, tentatively agender, and easy to get along with 😊

I like the outdoors, conservation, art, uprooting the insidious parasites of capitalism and authoritarianism, and Dwarf Fortress.

As a reward for reading all that, here's my cat Bobby:

I have a very good reason for naming this variable my_tids

Don't ask me why my brain does these things. I don't know.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was gay like me? …wait

Why do I feel a desire to spend well over $100 to repair my 10 year old MacBook, knowing that it no longer receives software updates and that its GPU is a time bomb? Fond memories and not wanting to unceremoniously send it off to the recycler I guess

Sometimes my cat sniffs something and literally moans and I do not like it

If I ever let my focus slip for even a moment the Evangelion theme song reenters my consciousness

I low key hate how programming languages make me think about what null and negative numbers mean for a variable representing a length of time.

Where’s that meme about math?
“I will wait for null seconds. I will wait for -1 seconds.”
—statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

Ah yes, a dramatic reading of Ted’s Caving Page is the perfect thing to listen to before bed

Slowly moving my online accounts off gmail, and my saved passwords off iCloud. Feels good. A quiet "fuck you" to Apple, and a hardy FUCK YOU to Google

my recent Amazon experience 

Your package will be delivered on (date).
Your package is now arriving 1 week early.
(On day of scheduled delivery) Your package has been delayed.
(Same day at 11:50 pm) Your package could not be delivered because it requires a signature.
(This morning) Your package has been delivered!

Turns out it didn’t need a signature. The item was a $12 graphite thermal pad btw

There was something I wanted to do this weekend and I don’t remember what it was but I know I didn’t do it

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