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Hey! I'm new here, but not to Mastodon. I'm just gonna paste my bio for my :

I'm Matsuba, or Tom, a tech enthusiast and tech skeptic rolled into one. I'm gay, masc, tentatively agender, and easy to get along with 😊

I like the outdoors, conservation, art, uprooting the insidious parasites of capitalism and authoritarianism, and Dwarf Fortress.

As a reward for reading all that, here's my cat Bobby:

pfizer have stuck a little bit of viagra in every covid vaccine, as a treat

You ever feel like nothing good was ever gonna happen to ya?
Yeah, and nothing ever did. So what?

Has there ever been a software company where developers felt good about the product?

excerpts from dwarven fortress Zonidos, cont. 

This is a well-crafted copper statue of bobcat men by Fikod Bimabras.

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excerpts from dwarven fortress Zonidos 

The item is a well-designed statue of Erib Fountainpunch the dwarf and two ducks in silver by Fikod Bimabras. Erib is embracing the ducks.

3 important improvements:
1. More LEDs! Like at least 10 per side, which would pull a total of like 400 milliamps
2. Make space on the board for the booster and charger to attach with header pins, so everything is more compact
3. Bigger battery. I’m not happy with the battery capacity, but it’s all that would fit in the case. I plan on switching from a foil wrapped, hot pocket style battery to a 18650, and cutting a chunk out of the PCB to make room for it

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AI generated cat 

This shit is already basically a Picasso. From normalcatpics on Twitter

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Wonky AI generated animal pics would look great as like impressionist oil paintings imo

This version is more of an accent light or table decoration than a reading light, because, with the addition of the diffuser (which doesn't even work that well), it's just barely bright enough to read by. I found that out too late to rework everything lol. Version 2 will be a lot different.

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Here's the over-engineered reading/accent light project I've been working on for like the last 3 months. The only notable thing about it is that, thanks to the tilt switch, you flip it upside-down to turn it off. I thought that was cute. I'm making 2 of these to be Christmas presents. This is my first ever electronics project and I've learned a lot!

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I’ll post some crappy pics. That’s partly why I made this account after all, to talk about personal projects

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I haven’t even finished putting together my Christmas gifts and I already have a bunch of ideas for drastic changes to the design

Love to live in a climate with 3 whole seasons: summer (March-May), extreme summer (June-Sept), summer (Oct-Nov 15), and winter (Nov 16-Feb)

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