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Hey! I'm new here, but not to Mastodon. I'm just gonna paste my bio for my :

I'm Matsuba, or Tom, a tech enthusiast and tech skeptic rolled into one. I'm gay, masc, tentatively agender, and easy to get along with 😊

I like the outdoors, conservation, art, uprooting the insidious parasites of capitalism and authoritarianism, and Dwarf Fortress.

As a reward for reading all that, here's my cat Bobby:

One of the deities of my dwarf civ is called The Lush Nuts haha hell yeah

Good morning, I made a dumb meme about a dumb thing that annoys me

Good morning, I made a dumb meme about a dumb thing that annoys me

Might make all my military dorfs scholars in their spare time so they have an informed worldview

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feeling simultaneously femme and butch hours

Dwarf Fortress 

Unrelated, but we have a giantess and a weregoat elf in custody. I’m thinking about building a coliseum and having them fight on the next full moon

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Dwarf Fortress 

Dilmus the kobold thief has returned several times to try and steal from us, but I don’t want to kill her now that I have a military. Maybe I’ll leave some trinkets out away from the fortress for the kobolds. Everyone deserves to have a hoard. This time she came with Shridisalmus, a new face.

I accidentally took a nap and I still haven’t dwarfed my fortress

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I can’t wait to dwarf my fortress later

It took me a while to realise the person sitting next to me on the wall was semitransparent.
"Um. Did you use to live around here?"
"No, I wandered a long time. But this feels like where I belong."
"Oh. Must be nice."
"Don't worry, everyone finds a place they belong. Eventually."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


My favorite wines are the ones that taste good and have alcohol and are for sale at my local grocer so I don’t have to go anywhere else

Dashing through the snow
I don’t know how to drive
Jesus take the reigns
And get us out alive

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