I finally finished Bayonetta 2 after putting the game off by sooooooo long. I liked it even more than the first one which was already one of my favorite games.... makes you wonder why did I even put it off. I am just too lazy to even play the stuff I like.

(also Bayonetta is totally )

Here's a fun fact you might not know: showers are reverse Hyperbolic Time Chambers. When you take a shower, time passes 5x faster outside.

With everything apparently going on these days, I think I finally learned the value of follow requests.. transphobes can go suck a cactus. Or two.

Learning Japanese. 

Couple weeks ago I started my lifelong dream of learning Japanese.... through Duolingo. I mean, I already learned some new words and more or less what some kana look like so I can know what I'm reading, but I definitely need to pick up a paper and start writing those kana down if I really want to start learning.

Story on how my friend became a Linux user by nessecity. 

My friend's PC stopped working so I convinced her to make a live USB with Linux Mint and do some troubleshooting. Turns out her hard drive was corrupted, so we formatted it using the live distro and "saved" her PC, and she proceeded to install Mint. Except that the HD is apparently not exactly health and may die out soon. Also, she can't install Windows anymore for some reason, so Linux is the only thing keeping her computer usable now.

Twitter link to message from Halo's announcer to trans people 


I never played or even had interest in Halo, but this is the best thing I saw all week! He just needed to say "trans rights" and leave with the money, but he went beyond to deliver to us a beautiful message, what an incredibility great guy :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

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