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mutual aid request 

I’ve continued looking for employment and been trying to do everything I can since, including sex work. I haven’t been able to find anything since, I’ve been living off rice and eggs and anything my roommate doesn’t want to eat, and bills and rent are coming up soon. If you can, please help. I’ve been looking for work for close to 9 months now, but the only callbacks I’ve received are rejections.$chillauryn

queerness and job searching 

Thanks everyone, this broadly aligns with what I was expecting to hear, I'll probably just play it close to my chest, but not hide it if asked

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queerness and job searching 

So here's a question: Should I highlight my LGBTQness on my linkedin profile? I'm applying for tech jobs and most discuss their commitment to diversity and inclusion, but I dunno.

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NSFWish, drugs, weed 

"want a hit?"

sketch commission for the patient and wonderful @Manik !

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