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NSFW Morrowind Mod 

So, now that I have setup my profile I want to show you guys the first (of hopefully many to follow) Gay-Romance Mods I made.

'Romancing Vivec' is a Romance mod, that does not aim to be perfectly lore-friendly. For more info, you can check out the mod on nexusmods:

Mentioning of Oslo tragedy + Religion 

Condolences to everyone who lost loved ones in and I hope those injured get better very soon.

While I am against saying every religious person is bad I do think society needs to talk about and work against religious fanatism, so tragedies like this can be prevented.

Is someone interested in doing some Morrowind Roleplay with a group? it would be written Roleplay on a Discord server


I'm really upset now and crying... some guy said about my stream " I want to see you play the fucking game not talk about your sexuality." And also said ppl with + Tags or Flags would only define themselves by that. It was really hurtful it's not like I talked 3 hours about being .

The Maniac's Mansion

*Player Home
*OAAB_Data required
*Cloud Storage Mod compatible Version available as optional File
* Not Lore-friendly
*Full of Retro-DOS-Gaming Easter Eggs

Weird EA stuff, transphobic 

"Instead of publicly defending trans and abortion rights, EA have told Kotaku that they urge their employees to take advantage of “healing circles.” A healing circle is a mental health session that is provided through the company’s healthcare provider..."


Chubby legs xD (clothed in tights) 

My tights finally arrived, they are so amazing & gold glittery :)

Transphobia, School Shooting, Uvalde 

It's sick that are saying the shooter from was just because he had an androgynous look.

I'm shocked by what happened in texas and equally shocked by transphobes spreading lies just to make ppl hate trans ppl.

And it is done, my first Mod for 2022 is released. It's a Quest Mod, I hope you like it :)

The Stolen Sweetrolls

NSFW thoughts, BDSM thoughts 

I've been reading naughty BDSM stories... they make me wonder how it would feel to have someone put a collar around my neck, care for me, protect me, make me his.

Review and Recommendation of a book that deals with trans issues and also contains mental struggles 

I just finished reading this book. I can recommend it to all of you. I'll attach my review as a picture.

I'll vote for Finland today. The Rasmus was my early 20s, which was a beautiful time

Dark depressive thoughts 

I suck, sometimes I wish I was dead. It's dark outside, now. And dark inside, too.

Serious question to ppl who make up the T of . Do you think cis people shouldn't write stories about transgender characters and their struggles? Is that offensive?

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Bitte hören Sie auf Bilder von Essen ins Netz zu stellen! DAS macht die Umwelt kaputt!!

Just started reading this book.

It's very well written, I already love it. It does so well transporting the protagonists emotions. I can only recommend you reading it if you haven't.

I feel a bit lonely atm... I wished there were more ppl shipping Vivec with Sotha Sil, I need some ppl with who I can gush about them being cute xD

Made a trip to Göttingen today, despite my UTI, I really needed it for my mental health. Btw. I only made a photo of the cakes, cause that would have been too much to eat today

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