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Living in rural Colorado, I own my own business for I.T. Support which covers everything county and city related, and most other businesses. It is something I do during the day.

This account will mostly be me posting the Docket as I call it of the day, and then random tidbits of the good and bad of doing support tech work for people.

I may also post on side-projects of mine with the Pis, programming (Py), and Arduinos.

I'm formerly the G, currently the T of the LGBT+

Love you!!


I had a customer call last week.

I forgot their name. And I can't remember what the conversation was about.

I...think I may need a nap lol

I miss sleep.

And then I remember, I have work to do lol.

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I really really wish there was a platform for people to learn advanced mathematics freely outside of a university

There are recorded lectures and such but lectures can only take you so far, and many people just don't have the attention span to sit through them. I mean something more approachable

Btw been a bit but had a fun mess this morning.

Apparently somehow one of my businesses had one of their desktops change the DHCP client in services.msc to a delayed start.

So they would start it up, and it wouldn't be immediate for it to get an IP address etc.

So they would get frustrated at having to wait an extra minute or two for everything else to load, before getting on internet.

I am curious how this got changed won't lie

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society - 

TFW your smartphone needs to be approved by either Apple or Google,

or you're locked out from such basic societal infrastructure as website logins and many cities' mass transit passes.

We're living in a cyberpunk dystopia, and nobody's noticed, because our cities aren't covered in literal neon lights.

Selfie, Eye-contact 

The shawl,

For when you want to be colorful, but need to wear cargo pants and a tank top for some physical work

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I blame Bayonetta, the Gay Icon of action RPGs for making Perfect Dodge the One True Mechanic.

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I am tired of using Google Calendars.

Anyone have any recommended online calendar apps that I could just use the .ics from my work emails, so that I can have actual versatility and customization?

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Just had a coworker ask me about the he/him pronouns in my email signature. She was really excited that putting pronouns in your sigfile is something you can do! She has a gender-neutral name and is frequently misgendered.

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Deleted Facebook. Got my ProtonMail. All default searching is through DuckDuckGo. Deleting Twitter. Hello Mastodon!

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I'm live developing an ascii lemmings game. Time to kick this ascii art up a notch. Bam!

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A platform,

where people can submit compute jobs (e.x. compile this piece of source code, simulate this protein fold),

and other people can do them using their spare compute resources.

Maybe even for payment, though that has its own problems.

This way, people who occasionally compile code don't need a massive CPU lying around, they can just borrow someone else's, saving silicon.

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Been a while since I've had a chance to post my docket for the day, but let's resolve this!!

Nothing to really add for now, just that a bunch of different offices need me to do updates to software and scans on them, which will end up being a 20 hour day today.

Basic, but long.

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Hello everyone!

Today's docket, is an easy one for the tech world for me:

Just keep an eye on the network with a business. We had found that one of the computers had someone watching porn, so got the time etc and now just keeping an eye on things.


I need to find more projects to help this neverending work life

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