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Living in rural Colorado, I own my own business for I.T. Support which covers everything county and city related, and most other businesses. It is something I do during the day.

This account will mostly be me posting the Docket as I call it of the day, and then random tidbits of the good and bad of doing support tech work for people.

I may also post on side-projects of mine with the Pis, programming (Py), and Arduinos.

I'm formerly the G, currently the T of the LGBT+

Love you!!

There has to be a way without having set up roaming profiles, to have Active Directory users get their folders made without them logging in, so I can transfer these damn Chrome Bookmarks.

And I was told no batch files by their "big office". I quit lol.

Today is going to be an exhausting day. My Roster

Forgoing lunch today to specifically work with one of my businesses, then will have a meeting afterward, which will end in me rushing back to my office after rushing home with money.

Also, upgrades (been at work an hour and half early already), plus project planning.

Time to figure this out!

Give me energy peoples!!

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Husband decided to change the static IPs of every device in the apartment because the new router uses a different gateway IP.

Then I asked why he didn't change the gateway IP, and he went :ms_computer:

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Finally finished this piece! It took maybe fifteen hours spread over eight days.

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Today is going to be a good day!

Today's Roster:

1 upgrade. That's all

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The same way that search engines give you a snippet of the page text, they should show you how heavy the website is... I'm not interested in 120 MB, jQuery, scrolljacking, 200 parallax backgrounds 'websites', I just need the information

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@MahuTech I'm curious about Chromium and its libre forks as well, although I don't use it except for cross-browser testing. Haven't been able to find any specifics on Chromium yet, but Brave and Vivaldi are trying to "neutralize" this "feature". Perhaps watching this bug report might shed some light on Chromium on Linux:

And I do apologize to everyone who aren't used to seeing me have bad days. I try to normally not let it get too bad for me.

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Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


One of my offices had its power down in one of the buildings for almost an hour, said building was the one that houses our fiber hub.

That was fun.

Now I am going to have to eat lunch while also doing a meeting, plus have to drive to my apartment to get a laptop for a customer and finish it.

All before I have a business in about 3 hours to go work with.

Also I work at my night job tonight because director says no one can work on their own.

Even if I work on my own all the time.

Its hard

In 2 hours early today, today's been a fun day already, but I am actually ahead of the schedule.

Had 4 upgrades to do, then 1 office needed me to remote in and do some basic troubleshooting.

I sorta do like days like this.

All of my offices are currently having issues due to the ISP being down a DNS and a gateway.

Sounds like a lot of not my problem

Business, Transphobia, Slurs 

So I'll be losing out on 35$ a month.

Had a fun chat with this one business' director talking loudly in front of me how why they would not hire someone who was super qualified for the job, because he didn't want any "t***** f*****s" at his office.

I had some fun watching him squirm~

Good morning and happy April to everyone!

Today's Docket is the first sign of a schedule heavy month:

3 computers doing harddrive upgrades. Part 1 of these upgrades is transferring onto our network drive the user files.

2 offices have been moved to new ones, so they need help setting everything up, and making sure charts and forms are updated.

About 30 different switches need to be updated in inventory charts, as well as how many ports they use, what they use them for, etc.


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A better writer than me could probably make some kind of poetic hay from the fact that
(a) Python is used as the API for virtually all modern AI,
(b) R.U.R., the 1920 play that is the seminal "machines take over the world" story, stands for "Rossum's Universal Robots," and
(c) python was created by one Guido van Rossum

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Sent from a fully working Firefox install on Gentoo.

Fingers crossed I don't regret this. If I do, the Debian install I was using is pretty much intact.

Apologies for having been away. Been a day these past few days.

But today's roster!

Meetings and planning out my next month.


Mark the calendars! April 30th, will be showing the real me to my office

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