Dragon Warrior 3 

The first "side quest" in the game involves tracking down a thief named Kandar who stole the King's of Romaly's crown. When you return the crown, the king is so moved by your heroism that he crowns you the new king. Your sprite changes to the king, and you can walk around talking to all your subjects. You can't leave town, because it's too dangerous for the king to leave unaccompanied. Eventually you find the king hanging around gambling in the monster arena. He asks you if you want to keep being king, and when you say "no" you go back to normal and can continue the game.

The king's father foreshadows this by talking about what an irresponsible clown the king is, and when you talk to him again his dialog updates appropriately.

This would have *blown my mind* if I played it in 1991. Interactive storytelling on the Nintendo!

It's all totally optional, too. You can keep the crown and not talk to the king. It's slightly better than the best helmet you can buy at this point.

question to all trans people with children. Does your role in family (mother / father) align with your gender? Mainly as how you and your children see you and talk to or about you? Replies with more detailed explanation are more than welcome.

For the context, I'm trans woman and father. I consider it as a very loose role that isn't tied to gender.

Boosts welcome!

Oh well, I think that suits me. I'm worried about ir, because os american sizing, and I'm used to European ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

FROM THE PATREON: why is "giant hologram of a horny person" in like EVERY cyberpunk thing? and why are they always cis women? i mean, these aren't hard questions to answer, but still. let's change that shit up #nsfw

dont wanna put downer posts on my feed but if anyone wants to help me with my dog's end of life expenses it'd be greatly appreciated (no, I dont want to talk about it - I'll be fine) Not sure how much I'll need but any extra will go toward bills paypal.me/lumisquirrel



Me interesean temas de filosofรญa polรญtica, historia, cultura, arte

Politicamente me encuento cerca del socialismo libertario. El estatismo y nacionalismo por muy de izquierda que digan ser me producen recelo

Tambiรฉn tengo pasiรณn por el software libre y la red abierta

Me unรญ a Mastodon despuรฉs de que las redes privativas hicieran estragos con mi salud mental, amo el fediverso y ya pocas ganas me quedan de volver

Si digo o hago algo inapropiado por favor hรกganmelo saber, nadie nace sabiendo jaja

Quienes ya me conozcan pues nada, hola otra vez ๐Ÿ˜

So, Luna is still sick. She kept down a little wet food from her breakfast yesterday, but puked the little bit of kibble we gave her last night. Gonna see how today goes, and if she doesn't get better, we're gonna get her checked out. She's staying hydrated and drinking water at least and she's still playing.

Any ideas for easy foods on the stomach for cats while we see how the day goes? I've heard rice + chicken + broth helps dogs with upset stomachs who can't keep down dog food.

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