Good way to ensure you get feedback from IT people on your product

OH: Zum Glück können Variablen nicht weglaufen, die sind immer zuhause

Da wollte ich nur kurz ein Userscript bauen was das Eingabefeld automatisch auswählt wenn ich die Seite lade, und dann finde ich sowas in Production Code von einem Produkt, wofür die Uni viel (zu viel) Geld ausgibt...

@n0emis Aber dann finde ich den anderen Content nicht mehr zwischen lauter Katzen...

Hmmm, meine TL braucht entweder deutlich mehr oder deutlich weniger Katzen...

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Liebe TL, habt ihr eventuell Infomaterial/Argumentationshilfen für nicht binär-geschlechtlich getrennte Toiletten in Unternehmen?

Reference to Transphobia, Screenshot from Twitter 

Okay apparently some "gender critical" people (read: transphobes) are trying to claim Terry Pratchett would have supported them, and this tweet is an argument against them, a personal anecdote, but most importantly such an emotional and beautiful story, it just made me tear up a little

OH: Bored to Burnout Any% Speedrun


@prehensile I feel like if they could, they would definitely claim their "metaverse" nonsense to be a sovereign country, so your name on the platform is automatically your legal name... I just hope "being a nation" is not something corporations can easily buy in the near future *side-eyes Nevada*


Why on earth is the CW "meta" now ambiguous? At least I don't think they'll get away with any trademark protection on the term, and if they do, someone will probably burn the USPTO to the ground

Definitely not me sneaking my draft for an enby character past the co-authors


yeah I might be a bit mad at people who constantly list multiple pronouns rather then use inclusive ones when trying to refer to a person of unspecified gender

Okay the verification works now even though I didn't change anything, I guess it was cached or something

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Heyy, I'm back in the Fediverse I guess^^

And did I screw up embedding the link or why is the verification of the link on my profile not working?

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