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friendly reminder that "Blåhaj" is pronounced "Bloh Hi" not "Bla harsh" :BlobhajSadReach:

and translated it literally means "blue shark" :BlobhajReach: :BlobhajTransPrideHeart: :BlobhajPrideHeart: :BlobHajMlem:

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discord bad 

don't even get me started on the way u add text to a message containing an image

you've to select the image, then there's a send button, and nothing else, but if u click outside of the popup it closes, u can add text, and sending the message sends them together, compared to the normal way of doing it, aka allowing me to scroll and select, then still have the text input visible, clicking it will then allow me to add text

so much more logical and sane

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the switch to React Native for the Discord Android app makes it so much better, id been annoyed about how something as basic as being able to close a DM was missing

and now im at 70mbps in literally the best possible conditions, but id assume the cell towers just ain't here

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i somehow have two of the same domain in my cart, i think the explanation is i added the domain originally to my cart, then logged in where i also had it in my cart, then it attempted to merge them, and didn't check if anything was wrong

kinda funny tho

upgrading to a 5G capable phone is so weird at time, going from at maximum 150mbps outside in good conditions

to literally casually hitting 600mbps inside a building is so fucking weird

apple: look, notifications can now live update, isn't this so cool, new and refreshing?

and then there's android which allows applications to put literally anything in a notification, update it literally however they want, and do whatever they want with it, for better or for worse

the problem with ghost/skeleton layouts, is if ur app is too fast they just look weird, because they instantly disappear

i always love how predictable JavaScript is when it comes to randomness, each color here is a completely different random set of 31 numbers, with different settings, yet they all have a very obvious pattern

i hate that if u say out loud "im opening a pawn shop" people will look at u a lil differently and with differen intentions than what you had

because apparently it sounds similar to a certain adult word

any self respecting calendar app should allow you to view other local calendars but also allow other apps to access its calendar

i will truly never understand calendars that don't do this, and ones that create new proprietary calendar standards and no way to use them with other apps

i always forget FFS doesn't always mean Facial Feminization Surgery, it isn't rare for me to read "ffs" and go, "huh", then realize what they meant

get the shark :BlobhajSadReach:
praise the shark :BlobhajReach:
pat the shark :BigBlobhajHug:
cuddle the shark :BlobhajHugFullBody:

have fun with the shark :BlobhajHoldSassage:
topple governments with the shark :BlobhajHeart:

that is, what the shark is here for afterall :BlobhajfBlobbyHug:

i will never not hate cloudflare for having the worst login form ever, not only is it slow when using autofillers, but for some oddball stupid ass reason, clicking tab in the username field will take you to the "show password" toggle, and not the password field


holy shit, like how are blåhajer so fucking soft, it should be a warcrime for the government to not let u have this softness on demand :BlobhajfBlobbyHug: :BlobhajHugFullBody: :BlobhajfBlobbyHug:

it is a war crime to not title your first commit "Initial commit"

i think the fact that misgendering me will make me angerly look at you in disgust followed by ceremonial dysphoria, and calling me a good girl will literally melt me with euphoria is overall probs confirmation of not being very cis :blobcatthinking:

a nice old lady at the gas station gendered me correctly somehow :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

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