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Thank you to Nix Snowsong for this lovely pride YCH! I’ve always been fond of your art style, and now I have a piece for myself! 🏳️‍🌈 💛🤍💜🖤

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Quick plug: I updated my site,!

It should now work on every web browser supporting HTML 3.2. I kinda like it actually...

I planted a tree ten years ago, as part of the Alberta program for it.

Tomorrow, I’m going out to see how the tree is doing, and record it. I’m sure it’ll be just as interesting to me as it is to you!

some nights I fall asleep wishing I could wake up the next morning as my fursona 🥺


also I’m finally testing completely negative for COVID-19 now. Fuck you COVID 🖕


people always say foxes and wolves are dangerous, to which my sister would say

“if so dangerous, why friend shaped?” 🥺

love it when you just get so many ideas for what to build… and then you realize you have no money to do it 💀

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and just when my mom was finished a phone call and I thought we were going to head out… no. now I’m not even sure how long I’ll be waiting.

I figured out that my issues with Linux and secure boot can be fixed with one command… and it only took me two days to find that out! 🙃

(Also don’t question why I have secure boot on, it’s for experimentation)

do you ever just want… to just be in a cuddle, so still that all your worries simply fade away 🥺

does anyone know if anyone out there still makes new floppy disks?

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