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More personal than usual, but for whatever reason a year old breakup is stinging like a sob today.

Did about 3 hours of coding tonight. I'll consider Day 1 of a success!

I'm about 75% of the way done with my next Yttr upgrade and can not wait to push it live.

I'm trying to think of super quick speed coding challenges that can be done in less than 2 minutes.

The idea, is that it's like a timed quiz. Like those timed Multiplication tests they might have made you do in school. Where you start a timer and solve as many problems as you can before time runs out.

I'd like a handful, where the coder is tasked with trying to code a solution in under 2 minutes.

Preferably things that can be done in most common languages.

Kicking off Trying to map out what I'd like to do over the next 100 Days...

I Live Code 4 days a week on Twitch so those days are already covered. It'll be the other 3 days I need to fill. More projects Ninja! More Projects!

Having... Writer's block? In a sense. I want to bring my AI to the next level but I'm starting at the code like... Wtf...

Tonights Agenda:
- Do some freelance writing for a guy. (paid)
- Do some freelance coding work for a guy. (free)
- Do some AI Updates for me. (self love)

Taking a break from the AI grind today. Playing Pillars of Eternity for the first time. Just in the first 2 hours I think it's biggest struggle is pacing the storyline is evolving with no real regard for the where it came from.

That said, I'm enjoying it :D haha

How do you tell the difference between an over trained vs a well trained AI?

A significant upgrade to Yttr Bot's AI:
- No longer limited to 5-word rolls.
- Will still aim for 5-word rolls.
- Added about 150 rolls worth of generic roll training.

If you want to help with the training I could use it! I need more creatively written 5-word (±1) rolls.

I used machine learning patterns to allow my AI to choose it's pronouns. They chose They/Them. Looks like I'll be practicing my non-binary pronoun usage.

Upgraded the Yttr AI. It's no longer bound by the 5-word formula. However, Yttr will aim for 5 words. Excited to see it's tweet tonight 😀

Also got a lot of idea from my coworkers to make it more fun to interact with as a user. So I have several tasks to keep me busy the next few days.

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This morning, after six years of pouring my life into the mission, the staff, and the creators of, I was fired for organizing a union. They offered me no real reasons, but one month's severance for signing an NDA.

I will not be signing it.

Ah Ha! Yttr Bot has tweeted it's first AI generated roll from I'm going to have a trained AI DM in no time.

So..I always wondered why people make bots that generate random things. I didn't get it, until today. Today it clicked. And I am proud to join the ranks of people who make random things that generate random things for random peoole.

I work in and I play . I've recently started learning to and get too much joy out of helping others code their mods and make their Minecraft Dreams reality.

My daily mantra, "We can't become who we're meant to be by remaining who we are."

I'm looking to expand my online presence and network. Hopefully find a coder friend or two. So, here I am. Expanding horizons.

Cheers! Ya ya ee!

It feels weird to move instances. Is it normal to kinda hop until you find one that's the right fit?

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