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Hi fediverse, I'm working on to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


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As is probably true for many, my gateway to #Apple fanboydom started with the #iPod. After a frustrating year with a Toshiba clone and it being so bad Toshiba bought it back from me, I got an iPod Video. Less than a year later, my PC died, to be replaced by the first Intel Mac Pro - the last Mac to make the transition in 2006. I need more fingers to count how many Apple devices since.

★ A Touching Goodbye for iPod

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US politics, abortion 

Not contradictory at all. 🙄

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Has someone asked you to "caption your image" or "add a text description" or "use alt text" and you're not sure what that is, or how?

This page is here to help!

Covers most (all?) Android apps, web interfaces, and TUI/CLIs that I know about.

(I know that not everyone can describe things, and that's ok! This page is here to help people who want to but don't know how, or want some tips.)

Deep links should work, e.g. for @Tusky


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When posting images and videos on here, please remember to add a text description to the image. If you're wondering why, the most boosted toot of 2021 will tell you:

You can add a description while posting by clicking on the link that is on top of the image itself. On the website the description link will be called "Edit", on the official app it's "Describe the photo for the visually impaired". Third party apps may call the link something else.

The description can't (currently) be added later, so make sure you add it before you post.

Text descriptions can be up to 1500 characters, and they won't count towards your main character limit. Even if you're sighted, it's worth reading the description as it may contain extra info or hidden jokes.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Accessibility #A11y

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I wanna hold the hand of every skeptical artist who joined from bird site and posted "probably won't be here much" bcs they intend to go back to bird site after the rush dies down:
I get it, the devil you know and all, but give this place a chance! 🙂 Ppl are much more likely to interact with you the more you post and reply to posts! Hashtags are GOOD here! There's no Algorithm to fight! Put descriptions about your art and OCs on your images, get folks invested! You'll have a good time! 🤘😎

Time for my post! I’m a with a government job that I hope to retire from in less than 3 years. I’m into . Check out my Pixelfed account ( or my photo site ( I’m also into , , all things , , , , and . Looking forward to tooting with y’all.

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