Hey, can I just take a moment to invite new people to check out @powderpaint, a really excellent queer synthpop band from the Fediverse?

Give them a listen or download the tracks at

"Constellation" is probably the best starting point ✨

@FediThing @powderpaint can confirm powderpaint are awesome and I squee a little knowing they're here.

@stevelord @FediThing @powderpaint

that track perfectly captures the sound of the crossover between Latin freestyle/sophisti-pop/soul/house that happened in the UK around 1988/89...

@FediThing @powderpaint @hazel

I started with Constellation back in 2020 and started questioning if I was polyamorous and in 2022 I'm on sharing why you a leftist should be on Mastodon. It's a slippery slope!

@FediThing @tindall @powderpaint Learned about Powderpaint through the Fediverse (specifically Nora here I believe!) and have sent out a slow ripple in my offline life, including reportedly some junior high kid asking his substitute teacher what that awesome music she was playing was :D

@FediThing @powderpaint Been looking for something like this actually! 😍 Thanks for sharing!!!

@FediThing @powderpaint boost this forever. found them because of the fedi, have loved their music ever since. one day I hope to see them in person. 😁

@FediThing @powderpaint Thanks for this, I love new music recs and I'm really enjoying Constellation 🤩

@FediThing @powderpaint “Constellation” will now be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future, and I’m not mad about it

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