Wow, I got a call from a recruiter. Been outta work and just applied for EI, but my hopes are a bit higher now!

So we ran outta eggs last night, but wanted cake - ended up using chia seeds soaked in water based on feedback from a friend who is allergic to eggs - edible, but a very INTERESTING texture which makes me want to snack less - I guess its good for the waistline then since i don't really want to eat them!

#ACNH help - kitchen stuff. 

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At least Tom Nook always has something nice to say: "You've accomplished so much! I am sure you can find your own ways of having fun and living your best life." !!!!

My life: i throw the fishing line in and the fish just turns away!

Ok finished lunch, back to ! I got the 23H1G - come & visit!

The other day i reached the end of the internet... What is at the end of the internet you may ask? YouTube videos of a guy repairing 100 y/o wagon wheels... Contemplate...

So my husband leaves a post-it on my laptop every day with a message on it - today he left this one

I kinda feel weird about people asking my exact age / birthdate on Discord... I get it you want to filter <18+ but what is their PII policy ... You know all this information is linkable, right?

Really happy now that I have the Arduino kit in !!!

#ACNH #ACNL #Pattern #QRCode 

#ACNH #Pattern #18+ #QRCode 

#ACNH #DodoCode & Custom Design 

A friend of mine who is a nurse at Vancouver General Hospital had his bike stolen yesterday.

This was his _only_ means to get to the hospital without being near others - so he has been riding his bike to keep patients SAFE.

It turns out a resident had a outdoor camera in the area which took a image of the person along with other people (not practicing social distancing). The thief was cropped so this is only the thief.

If you see him, please contact the Vancouver Police Department.

#acnh #dodocode - come visit Vancougar! (Update) 

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