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Nya~ * creates eldritch abomination in factorio *

youtube showing the same non-search related video high up the list two searches in a row, hmm..

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*pointing at a random rock i just found*

new gender just dropped !!!!
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Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelly said “bois lie and girls lie too”, reaffirming that non-binary people don't. This has important implications should you ever face two guards in a labyrinth barring access to doors that might or might not lead to the exit, in this essay I

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don't make me tap the sign
[squeezing the highest performance out of computers is wasteful and unnecessary]

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thatse it, im seizing the means of mental wellbeing and having energy from NTs
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If you think I spend a lot of time angry because since 2010 a combination of badly designed web apps and DRM have taken what was previously a paradise of accessibility where users had unparalleled control in how they viewed and interacted with data and took it down below the pre-digital paper level in some cases, it's because I am.

kinda love that KSP uses kevin macleod music

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if anyone could give advice on how to maybe troubleshoot it, it would be greatly appreciated

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they should add more hours to the day to make time for all my hobbies
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For others who struggle with the newer, large UI that Firefox has had for a while now, you can make it more compact again by going to about:config, search for "compactmode", and change the value to true. Then when you right-click the toolbar and choose "Customize toolbar…", you should now have an option at the bottom to change the UI density. It has made it more usable on my laptop, where vertical space is at a premium.

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humm, 6am, guess i've been playing factorio for a while..

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i feel like putting :) at the end of my posts for some reson :)

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