this is probably my most popular toot yet, thank you every one and thanks everyone at r/abrathatfits for making the site.

re: bra measurement site 

@EdithA2003 mew, I'm actually super uncomfortable with this kinda stuff because it assumes a lot about body shape that may not be true

like, what exactly does the button provide that the existing measurements don't? o.o

I've seen that a lot of the measurement guidelines for "AMAB" folks are just straight-up wrong, and plus what gender you were assigned isn't the same as what body type you have

re: bra measurement site 

@EdithA2003 like this site looks otherwise very thorough, I just don't understand what the point of that is when they already ask for so many measurements

re: bra measurement site 

@clarfonthey @EdithA2003 came here to ask same thing, theres nothing inherently different about AMAB breasts so it feels more stereotyping than inclusive to me. i might give the website a shot later and try both with/without the button pressed to see what it does

re: bra measurement site 

@raeaw @clarfonthey just tried it both, seems to give a cup bigger for AFAB. dunno why

re: bra measurement site 

@clarfonthey idk, I read somewhere that it may take into account some common traits AMAB people have. I like that they've atleast thought of it, even if it may be wrong.

You can contact the makers of the site and ask them what the button provides.

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