can't wait for the day I don't have to stuff my bra

Happy pride month! I'm in the process of getting healthcare and hopefully then a therapist willing to get me HRT

I've finally graduated high school so I can be fully out now.

I also have new clothing, not a complete wardrobe replacement but it's a couple outfits.

things are getting good.


everybody gangsta till I suddenly have bottom dysphoria


fuck it, went with a 2 pack of AKG earbuds and an AUX extender. Copying my boy Acai28's setup.

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anyone know any good wired headphones for about under $40USD?

this is probably my most popular toot yet, thank you every one and thanks everyone at r/abrathatfits for making the site.

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I almost blew my cover yesterday by having my phone’s wallpaper as the trans flag, luckily though I passed it off as some sort of RGB live wallpaper

For context: I've been wrapping my sweatshirt around my waist at school. It's not seen as a masculine thing around here.

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I think a few fellow girls at school are starting to catch on to my recent fashion habits....

US pol, Gaetz 

The weirdest thing to me about this Matt Gaetz thing is the "gaetz showed naked pics of women he slept with on the House floor to colleagues" and LADIES. HAVE SOME STANDARDS. the man looks like Syndrome with shorter, darker hair. Come on.

Guess I should formerly introduce myself.

Ello, my name is Edith, I am 18 and in about 2 months I'm gonna start working on my IT certificate. I've been involved with computers since I was 5 and always was fascinated with them.

I identify as Transfem and I prefer She/Her. I think I'm gonna be using this platform to document my transition as I go through it. So far, I've been focusing on my hair/voice and been shaving my bod for a few months now.

I thank you all for reading this. TTYS

I just wanna say I love my fellow trans folks.

This includes non-passing folks, people who didn't always know, people who can't transition or haven't yet transitioned, non-binary folks who still identify as trans, and/or people still questioning.

I think I just got the greenlight from my mother to have her fund a wardrobe upgrade :) spinny skirt here I come!

yet another pic of me, eye contact, :BoostOK: 

Just hanging out with my favorite products and brands

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