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how did we ever let a situation happen where there was simultaneously a company called Oracle and a product called Delphi and they had nothing at all to do with each other.
we failed as an industry.

Having a tough time using Microsoft's Accessibility Insights tool because the overlay text it draws doesn't respect the screen DPI, so it's too small for me to read.
amazing. beautiful. transcendent. 10/10. no notes.

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Who would win: decades of science not caring about us and being woefully underfunded to the point that the results of most studies are inconclusive


One trans woman on reddit who bought a drug online and it totally worked for her (she has pictures and measurements and data on her regimen)

dog help me, I've published a PowerShell module.

the good news is, it's only useful for people who a) work on Firefox and/or other Gecko apps, and b) want to do so from PowerShell and not any other shell.

which means the entire audience is almost certainly me.

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Hacker News comment:

> The trans programming community is strange and interesting, also many of them seem to be in a polyamorous relationship with each other. [..] almost intimidating from the outside
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I've been working with my colleague on making some Mozilla stuff more screenreader friendly, and he's just the absolute greatest. It's great to see him being featured here as one of the creators of NVDA!

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cohost + 

I say this sincerely, and as someone who appreciates and develops open source software: one advantage to making your social media platform closed source is that it's not immediately overrun with people posting about free open source software.

It honestly might be a better move to start closed source, grow your user base, and *then* make it open source so the FLOSS nerds you attract can't overwhelm the platform

there's too many pokemon these days. it's overwhelming. the next game really should just get rid of half of them.
like some kind of pokemon snap.

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trans support resources thread 

For those who cannot access HRT through their medical system, these links may be of help:

* (fem and masc) - Guides for obtaining HRT

* (fem and masc) - A supplier of HRT

* (fem) - Discussion of safe methods for homebrew estrogen gels

* (fem) - Homebrew HRT

* (fem) - Homebrew HRT

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:boost_ok: uspol, helpful list of abortion orgs 

Here are abortion fund groups in every state, if you want to help in a meaningful way, this is a start

there are four more pages of this, and on the very last one, there is exactly one game that is about baseball.

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Steam is a wonderful platform that I always greatly enjoy using.

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imo we should boycott the 2026 football world cup because of the hosting country's countless human rights violations

just reviewed a C++ patch with a really actually completely 100% justified "const volatile" thing in it.
where should the author and I collect our prizes.

I demand to know who is responsible for this connector. show yourselves, you cowards.

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Just had to block a "women in coding" account for propping blockchain scams. Like, I get it, if you want to waste your life savings and pump out CO₂ in order to make someone else rich for no reason, that's one thing.

If you prey on marginalized people to fuel your scam? No.

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Software went downhill after we stopped distributing it on brightly coloured floppy disks

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Ok so because of #pridemonth you're gonna see a lot of rainbow logos.

However let's shout out the studios we know that do better/more than just change their logo.

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