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Subtoot, racism 

"I care about justice and everyone’s rights, black or white does not matter to me at all."

Then you don't really care about justice and everyone's rights, mate. :blobglare:


RT It's flagged and off the frontpage again.

I do think it is incredibly funny that dang will personally intervene to take it off the frontpage but does *jack shit* about the rampant homophobia/transphobia that hits the frontpage every other day


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me, one year HRT: trans people are just people! pronouns, name changes — it’s not weird or difficult. just be respectful!

me, nine years HRT: my people know the true name of god and nothing you can threaten could ever destroy what we represent.

(credit to @takesiege who is also a good portion of this joke's audience)

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so who called it transitioning and not gender Stop 'n' Swop

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To everyone that uploads obscure software and abandonware to

thank you :blobCatHeart:

oh I guess I should post something here huh.
hmm. um.
heardle sure was pretty free today huh?
yeah. that's good.

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Carlson and Levin both left in protest over Twitter banning transphobia. They both feel confident enough in a M★sk-led Twitter to come back and continue being transphobic.

That's a sign we should pay attention to in order to understand today's news.


Fox News Hosts Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin Announce Their Return to Twitter After Musk Takeover


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