Why did we decide to power our cars with tiny explosions inside ridiculously complex hunks of metal that also require a transmission to work properly?
Like yeah, pushing pieces of metal in a circle using magnets sounds weird too, but at least it's quiter, cleaner and way simpler from a mechanical standpoint.
The only issue are batteries, but I'd've thought that we'd've been capable of figuring out how to recharge those even back in the early 1900s.

I love looking at buying used camera gear. It almost seems as if everyone knows how to operate a camera for some reason, which really isn't a given for some reason.

I just drew something with my mouse and it almost looks like I used my drawing tablet.
I'm disappointed in myself and Wacom.

Oh, you're a MAP?

Great, then you can find the way to get away from me

Niche Nerd thing rant (ITX computers) 

I'm super annoyed to see this large amount of new "ITX" computer cases that all only support an ITX Motherboard but are almost 20L in size, which means that you could pretty much fit a normal ATX Mainboard in there instead (see sliger.com/products/cases/cerb).
But no, every fucking ITX case has got to support 360mm AIOs and gargantuan GPUs "because sometimes".

Y'all ever want to buy a plot of land and live with your friends in huts/vans you've built yourself, growing your own food and not have to worry about the world at large?

Y'all ever want to buy a plot of land and live with your friends in huts/vans you've built yourself, growing your own food and not have to worry about the world at large?

The Ever Given is attempting to pass through the Suez Canal today

Honestly, "Don't worry be happy" is such a good Mindset to have. I misplaced a bunch of USB sticks about a year ago and found them today, but since things seem to always work out in the end, I didn't worry too much about 'loosing' them and was pleasantly surprised today.

How can I check if a USB adapter is doing something malicious?

Blursed connector idea: USB-C-B

It's like an USB-C but it's a large square that goes in 4 ways

When I say "i'm gay" I mean like, "I'm *elaborate but indecipherable hand gestures* gay"
This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.

I love people that live in your time zone, call you late in the evening to ask something unimportant (at a time at which it isn't infeasable for people to be in bed) and then end the call with 'have a nice day!'
Like, dude. It's bedtime, the day's over.

Sometimes when I'm bored I look up pictures of Clairo (the singer) and just be amazed at how she looks like a different person in each one, even though they've probably only been taken over the span of like, three years.

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