Thoughts on Watch_Dogs 2 

But all in all (especially since I got the game for free because of the whole Watch_Dogs Legion promotion thingy) I'd still say that it's a worthy successor to Watch_Dogs 1. Just don't buy it for the regular 60€ asking price, but certainly pick it up if it's on sale for about 10€ or so.
It's Ubisoft after all, not a small indie developer that could really use the money.

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Watch_Dogs 2, guns, cops 

Gunplay is fun as well, though it falls into the same trap as a lot of games (especially The Division), where you can shoot a heavily armored enemy in their unprotected face a dozen times without killing them, which just annoys the shit out of me. Cops also start shooting at you when you defend yourself from gangs, yet ignore said gangs. It just feels stupid and unfair, like instantly getting two wanted levels when you are spotted in a 'borrowed' police vehicle.

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Thoughts on Watch_Dogs 2 

The story is ok (I didn't pay a lot of attention), but the side missions with their mini storys are more fun anyways, and running from the cops is quite entertaining as well. The world is filled with a lot of nice details in general, like people playing instruments, pettable dogs and really nice puzzles to get things like research points and such.

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Thoughts on Watch_Dogs 2 

It's the best Ubisoft game I've played in quite a while, which isn't saying a lot (I've only played three games recently), but still.
The movement is quite good (exept for motorcycles and climbing), unlike AC 1's and the games' performance is great, given that I'm playing at 1440p medium on a GTX 970 using Lutris to adapt the game to Linux. Far Cry 5 ran way worse and had a ridiculous amount bugs running natively on Windows 10.

Tip: if you want to open a 1.3GB .mp3 file on an old phone, give it some time.
Or just don't use an old phone I guess.


Hey game launcher companies
How about making it semi-easy to look at the games I bought (or have) FROM THE BROWSER?
It's honestly ridiculous that I have to look at my bloody purchase history in order to see which games I own.
Same goes for Steam, but at least they have a Linux client.

if ur a motorist, next time u wanna criticize cyclists u should ask urself:

is there actually adequate, safe bike infrastructure for them to use?

should i be driving a car in the first place if i dont feel that i can keep other road users safe?

is my criticism based on a false sense of entitlement to the road because i'm in a powerful motor vehicle?

Oh god.. what have I done. I made a Siri shortcut that plays never gonna give you up, but you can’t stop it.

Like, you could just plug your phone in, and it starts playing Rick Astley on full volume, you can’t turn it down, or stop it, it just keeps playing until the entire song ends.

programming is easy

you just fuck up in different ways until you run out of ways to fuck up and that's your solution right there


The SteamPal sounds exactly like the thing I described, and it's targeted to be 399USD ("That's a great price!").
If it actually comes out at the end of the year, I'd be extremely happy to buy one of those, maybe even preorder it.

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Help I hate my playlist because I've listened to pretty much every song on there like fifty times
Send good artists or songs pls


I'd really like something like the GPD Win 3, but cheap.
I don't need a fingerprint reader, Core i7 (without a "real" GPU) and Thunderbolt, just a good iGPU (the new Ryzen- and XE ones seem promising), an R3/i3 CPU and a 256GB+ SSD would be enough.
I'd recon that the whole thing won't have to cost much more than 450€, given that such Laptops exist around that price range and a small company like GPD has apparently managed to charge only 700€ for a Win 3 with an i5, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

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Warranty void if serviced by non-authorized Acer service agent
Acer Empowering people

Turns out that by plugging my ARGB Strips into my PC's PSU, I can drop the Voltage on my +5V-Rail from ~5.02V down to ~4.32V.
That can't be good.

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