BLÅHAJ misinformation 

It's crazy they based the metric system on BLÅHAJ, 1 meter is exactly one BLÅHAJ.

There is a 10.35L engine for cars and such.
As a european and somewhat reasonable person, this makes me sick, but my inner american idiot loves it.

i've had enough of corporations, i just want to sit in a field all day and bask in the sun

Why does my phone have a notification sound that's just gobble-gobble?

You know who else ejected the imposter among them? That's right, J-

Oh hey cool, guess who just didn't use their dedicated GPU for a few months after installing a new OS. Whoopsy daisy.


RT @cypopps
Do autistic kids "grow out" of their autism? Why does it sometimes seem like there are so few autistic adults?

For #AutisticComicTakeover I covered this topic to help explain this disconnect!


Just convinced someone that my Birthday is April 1st.
I love how it just... wasn't questioned at all.

Happy "Ever Given Annicersary", folks! It was one year ago today when the boat decided to take a shore nap.

Celebrate the occasion by getting stuck (by yourself or in a vehicle) in places as inconvenient and blocking as possible

Ugh, Linux seriosly just went "there is not enough space to copy all of the items"
Yeah, I'm backing up files and 95% of them are identical, just copy the other ones.

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