I wish there were more games similar to Zachtronics TIS-100. I really love that game. I haven't finished it yet.

Am I the only one who goes onto Newegg and prices out their dream computer. Sees the price tag of $7,000.00 continues to dream.

The more I use FreeBSD / UNIX like operating systems, the more it cements my move from Windows. I needed to make sure two directories were the same so I used the command diff(1) and it worked great. Usually you would use that for files but it works great for directories.

A little rant 

So I run FreeBSD, I can't watch drm protected content that's fine. However when I buy content like on Udemy I expect to own said content. I should be able to watch it how I want. I have problems with buying books on Kindle because you don't own it. They give you the illusion you do. If they have publisher problems then that book is gone out of your library. Imagine that in real life, someone walks in your house and takes the book off your shelf and just walks off.

Well logitech is no longer going to make universal remotes, which is fine. 

They said they will continue to support their remotes which is all well in good. However how long till they no longer do that. I have a harmony 650 and every time I have to program it I have to use their software and connect to their servers. So once they do inevitably shut down the servers all those remotes will no longer fully work, and since their remotes run signed blobs you can't program it yourself.

Sometimes it is so hard to force yourself to practice / study. :blobfox0_0:

@raeaw I can see from their perspective, lots of the stuff that makes up a graphics card is probably intellectual property of other companies, so making it hard to open source drivers. However it would be nice to have a community developed graphics card. :blobfoxdetective:

@raeaw yes I think your right about that. I have Nvidia and I also use FreeBSD. So most drivers don't work without lots of tweaking or using the linux compatibility layer on FreeBSD.

I wish graphics drivers were open source. Or at least manufacturers gave you enough information to write your own. I understand their is lots of IP related problems with that however.

@madds 😂 yea, I have an entire Pinterest board for just computers of or around that style.

So I found a different way of solving quadratic equations. 

I have just started relearning algebra and have had a hard time with quadratic equations and factoring them. I do not like factoring it is a guess and check. However I found this professor Po-Shen Loh and his method of solving quadratic equations makes since and works for me. poshenloh.com/quadratic/

Currently reading "Physics of the Future" by Michio Kaku. 

I really like this book so far. I love that it is written by a physicist, therefore making the predictions more realistic.

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