A little rant 

So I run FreeBSD, I can't watch drm protected content that's fine. However when I buy content like on Udemy I expect to own said content. I should be able to watch it how I want. I have problems with buying books on Kindle because you don't own it. They give you the illusion you do. If they have publisher problems then that book is gone out of your library. Imagine that in real life, someone walks in your house and takes the book off your shelf and just walks off.

A little rant 

@CreativeCredent apple's currently getting taken to court for this kind of thing (saying you are "buying" movies, music, etc, when you're really getting a license that can be revoked at any time for any reason) so hopefully that will establish some precedent discouraging this shit

A little rant 

@CreativeCredent this is the exact reason i pirate ebooks instead of buying them, its somehow a better user experience than the official publisher gives me

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