I wish graphics drivers were open source. Or at least manufacturers gave you enough information to write your own. I understand their is lots of IP related problems with that however.

@CreativeCredent im fairly sure AMD has open source graphics drivers?

@raeaw yes I think your right about that. I have Nvidia and I also use FreeBSD. So most drivers don't work without lots of tweaking or using the linux compatibility layer on FreeBSD.

@CreativeCredent yeah that sucks, i wish Nvidia released open source drivers too

@raeaw I can see from their perspective, lots of the stuff that makes up a graphics card is probably intellectual property of other companies, so making it hard to open source drivers. However it would be nice to have a community developed graphics card. :blobfoxdetective:

@CreativeCredent @raeaw Yeah, there seriously needs to be a more open gpu, and preferrably one that the end user can somehow replace the vram easily and the such.

@CreativeCredent @raeaw mesa's reverse engineered nvc0 driver for nvidia gpus is very capable, it supports opengl 4.5, with the major caveat being that its performance is artificially limited by a lack of reclocking support due to modern nvidia gpus requiring signed firmware. i think it only works on linux, too, but it is open-source, so that's not an intrinsic limitation.

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