(Ohio, USA) Homicide by Police. Seriously, this is depressing/aggrevating, you've been warned. BLM! 

In Akron, Ohio, 8 officers were put on paid administrative leave following the fatal shooting of a black doordash driver age 25,
Some details are left out for brevity sake, but Jayland was shot at by police 90 times and struck by bullets 60 times while fleeing and unarmed.
Protests are happening in Downtown Akron all weekend and footage is set to release Sunday.

(Ohio, USA) Homicide by Police. Extra Details 

Jayland was chased after not stopping for a traffic violation, first by one police cruiser and then eventually by 8 cruisers.
Allegedly he shot back during the car chase but a number of people don't seem to think that's true.
He eventually fled on foot unarmed, police say he created a "dangerous threat" and thus tased and then shot Jayland.
A gun was found in the vehicle which a number of people believe was planted there by police.

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